The ‘Banda 24 de Mayo’ celebrates 80 years of popular music with a renewed ‘Macarena’ | Music | Entertainment

The Band May 24 is an Ecuadorian musical group dedicated to popular music. This set was born in 1943 when Juan Punguil Castro decided to follow in the footsteps of the masters Wallshis mentors in music, who taught him the rhythms and lyrics that the anniversary band currently sings on national and international stages.

Luis Alfredo Punguihe, son of Juan, took the direction of the band after his father and his generation have delighted Ecuador with the sounds that “represent” us so much. Since 2001, he has been in charge of the group, made up of young people between the ages of 19 and 26 from all corners of the country. “We have members from Loja, Chimborazo, Tulcán, Cotopaxi and more,” said the director.

The pan flute, the pingullo and the capulí sheet are some of the emblematic instruments of Band May 24, whose name is due to the fact that in ancient times the popular bands used a uniform as the municipal bands do today. Now, some of the new instruments that they have implemented to give the group a more modern touch are: the requinto, the trumpet, the alto sax, the tenor sax and the clarinet.

“We wrote the music and recorded it ourselves, so there is the secret of the flavor and the inspiration to make musical arrangements that allow us to remain permanent in Ecuadorian music”, he expresses. punguil, who wants their rhythms to have the same impact as the pop or urban Latino genre. “It’s popular music, village music fused with current rhythms,” he describes.

This is the third generation of singers that the band has. In 2018, they released The crazy hour, a musical single that, due to the acceptance of the public, cataloged them as the Mother of the Bands. Based on that concept, Band May 24 presents the topic Macarenaan adaptation of the song by Those from the river but in the Sanjuanito style, which the band follows.

The group has been present in several countries making Ecuadorian music known. In December they visited nine cities in Spain, including Pamplona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Murcia and Barcelona. They recently participated in the Black and White Carnivals of Colombia. His best known themes are Don’t go, Aunt Luca, Y Guaracaditaalso reinterpretations.(AND)

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The ‘Banda 24 de Mayo’ celebrates 80 years of popular music with a renewed ‘Macarena’ | Music | Entertainment