The band of Fusionadas dissolves definitively

He had led the band of bugles and drums of Fused mortally wounded for years. With hardly any contracts in the capital, his performances were practically limited to accompanying the Christ of Exaltation every Holy Wednesday and opening a procession on a guiding cross. Sometimes not even that. All in all, in the last few weeks, after the summer break, it seemed that the ensemble was regaining strength and holding open days and even announcing the addition of new marches of their own to their repertoire. Nevertheless, the board of directors of the musical formation, meeting this Monday, has made the decision to dissolve the band definitivelyand he has made it known through a statement that he has published on his official communication channels.

“We inform of the difficult decision to definitively cease our musical activity”, indicates the note in which, in addition, the reasons for this interruption are explained. The board of directors notes that not even the brotherhood to which the band belongs has offered “financial or devotional support”. “In turn, from the Association of Processional Music Bands of Malaga and the Malaga City Council, we have not received the support that we consider logical for any musical group in the city, in terms of grants and aid is concerned,” the statement explains.

Fusionadas is a historical band, created more than 40 years ago, which was able to create its own style, the first to incorporate strings of new instruments, beyond the bugles and drums, thus expanding the harmonic chromaticism of the bands and in that sense, revolutionary in its time and inspiring, starting in 1994, of all those that, since then, have been added to the long list of gangs in the city, which, paradoxically, has gone against this first one, without counting the Mother and Master of the Royal Fire Department.

The board of directors of the band thanks all the components “who have been until the last day of this historic band for their good work, commitment and loyalty to these colors.” “This formation, which has carried the name of Malaga and Andalusia as its flag, permanently close its doors so that what it was will remain in the memory and its name will not continue to be tarnished by the Málaga brotherhood,” the statement concludes.

The reactions in the social networks they have not been long in coming and there are many who regret this sad end of the formation, although they recognize that it was an “open secret”. “They have been letting her die for years,” laments a tweeter. “Few bands in Malaga and Andalusia as historic as Fusionadas, a real shame,” writes another. Many other musical formations in the capital have sent messages of encouragement. And other brothers, however, reproach the lack of diligence of the board of directors to have been able to carry out the formation.

This is the second band from Malaga in just ten months that is forced to cease its musical activity. In December, the victory band He also interrupted his rehearsals.

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The band of Fusionadas dissolves definitively