The affectionate message from the former ‘Menudo’ to their fans and all the details of their concert in Peru

The message from Ricky Meléndez, Miguel Cancel and Johnny Lozada, members of Menudos, to Peruvians. Youtube

Ricky Melendez, Miguel Cancel and Johnny Lozada They announced their return to Lima. The remembered members of ‘Menudo’ will arrive in our country as part of the international tour ‘Get on my bike Tour 2022′. His arrival is scheduled for October 27. The next day, the former members of the iconic group ‘Slight’ They will meet with the local press, in a well-known hotel in Surco.

As you remember, the former ‘Slight‘ resumed this reunion tour six months ago, which had to be suspended due to the pandemic. Faced with a long wait, the singers were excited to resume their plans, those that lead them to set foot on Peruvian soil again.

Ricky Meléndez, Miguel Cancel and Johnny Lozada will perform on October 29 at the Olguín Esplanade – Santiago de Surco. Tickets on Teleticket.

“We were already in Venezuela, this October 29 we will sing in Peru, then we will go to Miami, then to Colombia,” said an excited Johnny Lozada.

“We hope that all our fans come to the concert and have fun with our music that marked their lives, like ours, so much so that four decades later we are still in force and that is thanks to the fans. That they remember us in such a beautiful way is simply wonderful, “said Ricky Meléndez.

“I can’t wait to get infected with that magical energy that exists in Peru,” said Miguel Cancel, also excited to once again feel the love of his Peruvian followers. Miguel keeps his promise to perform the Peruvian song “La flor de la canela” with his band, led by renowned producer and music director José ‘El Profe’ Gómez.

Ticket prices to see Menudo range from 182.50 to 494.50 soles. Below are the costs according to location.

Dea Golden S/494.50

Disabled Dea Goldens S/394.80

Super VIP S/390.50

Preference S/260.50

general stand-up S/182.50

The three Puerto Rican singers agreed that our country was very important for the growth and consolidation of the most successful ‘boy band’ of all time. “Peru was one of the countries that marked Menudo. We will have gone between 10 to 15 times, to do tours that lasted at least three weeks”, they remember, grateful for “having the most faithful fan base on the planet”, they indicated.

Often he will be reunited with his Peruvian fans.

In 2013, DEA Promotora managed to bring together six former members of ‘Slight‘. This 2022, thousands of fans will once again be able to relive the menudomania singing along with their idols Ricky, Miguel and Johnny. The public will be able to enjoy great hits such as “And I don’t dance”, “My band plays rock”, “When”, “Clarity”, “Get on my motorcycle”, “Change the batteries”, “Clara”, “Lluvia”. ”, “Sweet kisses” and “Rock TV”.

“We invite you to the concert to listen to these songs that were hits in our childhood and also in yours. Topics that made us happy and that made us cry with emotion. We are waiting for you,” he said. Johnny Lozada.


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The affectionate message from the former ‘Menudo’ to their fans and all the details of their concert in Peru