The 5 most influential singers and musical groups of K-Pop

under the term k pop reference is made to Korean popular music, specifically, to music that comes from South Korea. Inside of the k pop different musical styles are included such as pop, rap, rock or R&B, among others. Since the 1990s, their influence has grown to become true mass phenomena, especially in Asian culture, although their influence has already spread throughout the world, from places like Mexico, Spain, etc.

Such is the importance of k pop, and its influence, that Time magazine has not hesitated to affirm that this genre is the greatest contribution that South Korea has made to culture at an international level. A music that, without a doubt, has managed to cross all kinds of borders and consolidate the fan phenomenon in many of its groups around the planet. From Mexico, through Spain, Argentina… There are many places where these melodies have legions of followers.

As for the most influential singers and musical groups of the k pop, although there are several that have achieved great popularity internationally and in places like Mexico, the truth is that those that we are going to highlight below stand out especially. His influence on the world of music and on the younger generations is a reality.

If there is a singer k pop recognized throughout the world and that has special popularity also in Mexico that is seungri. This artist is a big fan of quality online gaming, so much so that he was tried for playing casino games on the high seas, which is illegal in Korea. On the other hand, in Mexico, fortunately, this problem does not exist and its citizens, as well as the artist himself, can enjoy the best casino games completely legal and licensed as Superplay casino in Mexico every time they visit the country.

The more than 58 million fans that this group of k pop on Instagram they speak for themselves. For many it is one of the bands of k pop best known around the world. Its acronym responds to the name of Bangtan Sonyeondan and if there is a group capable of filling stadiums and selling out concert tickets in minutes, that is, without a doubt, bts. In addition, they have a fan club that is also known worldwide and that calls itself ARMY. Their mission is none other than to support the group all over the world.

Super Junior is one of the groups of k pop who has more fans around the world. It is not surprising if we take into account that they have been active since 2005. In all this time they have managed not only to make a name for themselves in South Korea but also to obtain prestige and recognition at an international level. Currently the group is made up of 9 members and has undergone some modification since it appeared almost two decades ago. On Instagram they have a whopping more than 2 million followers.

The k pop It’s not just a boy thing. Groups like BLACKPINK A band made up of four members that enjoys worldwide recognition. With no less than just over 44 million followers on Instagram, the figures speak for themselves. Also their catchy songs that make this group fill stadiums within Korea and also in other parts of the world.

Big Bang is another band that has been active for a little over 15 years and that in all this time has managed to reap more than deserved international success. They have even done collaborations with G-Dragon. Right now they are taking a break but everything indicates that in the coming months they will return to the stage to delight fans with their international tours.

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The 5 most influential singers and musical groups of K-Pop