The 5 best rock bands in Spanish that you should know if you call yourself a fan

The rock in Spanish It is a musical genre that has managed to break the language barriers and has reached places that they had never imagined themselves and that many other bands regardless of genre have not achieved and will hardly achieve.

In European countries like Germany they love many bands what do they play rock in Spanish and if you are a lover of the genre, surely you have in your playlist one or several songs by these groups that are the most recognized in the history of the rock in Spanish thanks to your contributions.

These bands became part of the history of the music and have left a mark within this genre without mentioning that worldwide millions of people have at least one of their songs as part of the band sound of his life and that brings back the best memories.

The best 5 rock bands in Spanish

Although the leader and vocalist of the band, Gustavo Cerati is no longer on this earthly plane, he continues to be a benchmark in Spanish rock, both as a soloist and as Soda Stereo, being considered one of the bands that have most influenced music.

There are many mixed emotions regarding Maná, but what is a fact is that you like it or not, they have been one of the few Mexican bands that have filled stadiums in the world playing rock in Spanish and that have reached Australia, Vietnam, Asia and the Middle East.

One of the most popular Spanish bands and that has transcended the most barriers is undoubtedly Héroes del Silencio, led by Enrique Bunbury. Their success with Entre dos Tierras and Maldito Duende led them to perform in Germany, Belgium and France, achieving thousands of fans in those countries to date.

Another Argentine band that enters the list of the best rock groups in Spanish is undoubtedly Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, who managed to perfectly fuse rock, ska and reggae and in fact four of their albums have been included in the most influential albums list rock in Spanishbeing unique within the medium.

A Mexican band that has come a long way thanks to the talent of each of its members is caifanshaving 5 songs within the list of the most important songs of Ibero-American rock, marking entire generations and being a national pride, having millions of followers in Mexico alone.

this is 5 o’clock bands of rock in Spanish most influential and important and that if you consider yourself a fan of this genre you should know.

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The 5 best rock bands in Spanish that you should know if you call yourself a fan