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Music festivals are definitely sensory experiences, not only do they provide a connection with artists, bands and our favorite songs, but there is also a particular magic thanks to their spaces, their aesthetics, geographical locations, staging, etc. . A whole universe that seeks to enhance emotions and sensations.

The creators of thematic festivals like tomorrowland, Coachella, Spring Sound, among many others; however, there are those who take this concept of the sensory and spatial to another level and take the risk of locating their events in unconventional spaces with themes that are also a bit strange, that is why in this list you will know the 10 strangest musical music festivals in the world.

The Underwater Music Festivalis an event that has broken all conventional schemes, since it has been dedicated to applying certain types of scientific knowledge so that it can be carried out in a very special condition: in the depth of the sea.

Wanting to carry an environmental message about the importance and care of water and corals, bill becker founder, coordinator and musical director of the FMUdecided to create a space in The Keys, Floridain which professional divers and musicians can enjoy live music underwater, thus uniting the terrestrial world with the marine world through musical harmony. The festival has been held annually for more than 25 years and has helped develop equipment and instruments that can be played underwater.

This festival has set itself the task of testing the endurance and love for music that many people can feel, since the creators of this event were very clear that music and live events can push through even the most extreme weather conditionsjust as it happens in the Igloofest.

This event takes place at temperatures below zero, since 2007, in the middle of the strongest winter in the port Jacques-Cartier, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Canadathis festival has brought together thousands of people, both locals and tourists, to live a new extreme experience and calm down a little the intensity of the weather, with the heat of electronic music and the mass of bodies that make up the audience.

After visiting a couple of festivals that put the body to the test, whether it be being under the sea for long hours or enduring the extreme winters of North America, this rock and alternative music festival puts the body and mind to the test through of time, since thisfor 98 hours straight, takes place under the light of an extremely radiant sun.

Like it’s straight out of the movie midsummerbut removing everything lurid from it and leaving us only with the phenomenon of the day, the Secret Solstice Festivalcelebrates the summer solstice in the city of Reykjavik of Iceland, giving the opportunity to thousands of people to live “the day” longest of their lives with the fury of music and their favorite artists. Within its poster there have been artists such as Foo Fighters, The Prodigy, Big Sean, Rick Ross, among many others.

The electronic music industry is one of the industries that has experienced and innovated the most in scenographic proposals for live events to enrich both sound and visual experiences, so much so that they strive and challenge themselves to take events to less crowded spaces . Under this challenge, the organizers of the TAKFAKT They decided to create their festival by taking the event to different unconventional spaces in the country of Iceland.

The main feature of the event is that in each edition they change their space, with the condition that each stage must be a place that has special and different conditions, for example, the festival has been held in caves, on dismantled docks, in abandoned churches, among other spaces, challenging music lovers to face the cold of the time and reaching places that are difficult to access

This festival is celebrated in Leipzig, Germany and brings together, since 1997, the entire culture of gothic rock, dark wave, deathrock, EBM, noise, neofolk, neoclassical music, dark electro, medieval music, experimental music, among others.

This is one of the most legendary festivals of the dark scene and has become a benchmark for its differentiating characteristic with which it brings together communities and subcultures such as gothic, team punk, cyber, rivethead, adding a dress code and styles that make the event an elegant, picturesque and striking space. This festival is held annually and takes place in different areas of the city simultaneously for 4 days.

Delving into festivals that take place in old, historical spaces or that have been declared national architectural heritage, in Portugal takes place annually, since 2014, the strong festival, in the facilities of what was the Castle of Montemor-o-Velhoone of the oldest buildings in the country.

This electronic music festival has helped to resignify the infrastructure of the castle, since the large walls and spaces of the site have facilitated the development of special light effects and audiovisual projections that contribute to its rejuvenation. The solemnity of the space contrasts with the sounds of the invited DJs, thus making the festival a unique experience.

The festival Zero Day takes place in the jungle and the cenotes of Tulum, Mexico. Born in 2012, it was initially created as a tribute to the Mayan culture and takes place every year on the date that the indigenous community had predicted the end of time; its great reception and growth has begun to mix many more features of Mexican culture and enhance all the mysticism that surrounds natural spaces and the wisdom of the different communities. For this reason they exalt the magic of mother earth as the main attraction, but they also have a commitment and concern with the environment, so They created an environmental sustainability program that guarantees the return to the ancient land and forces attendees to live with the space in the most respectful way.

In 1997 he started one of the most important underground electronic festivals. It was developed in the former military airport Müritz Airpark in Lärz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in the northeast of Germany, since then the stage has become fundamental since It has become the representation of counterculture and rebellion.

This folk music festival has been held annually since 1972, in Quiet Valley Ranch near Kerrville, Texas. Its peculiarity is that it takes place over 18 days and is a space in which people have the option of camping, living together, attending workshops, classes related to music, among many other activities, turning the festival into a musical camp for both adults and children.

In the municipality of Traenalocated in Nordland, Norwaytakes place on the islands of Husøya and Sanna this curious folk music festival, which takes place inside a cave that can only be accessed by ferry. Perhaps this is one of the festivals that is characterized by the difficulties of access and its wonderful scenery.

This festival began as a series of presentations of native music for the inhabitants of the town, but its particular way of arrival and space caught the attention of audiences from other cities and countries.

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The 10 strangest music festivals in the world | Radionics