That’s how mafioso is the “gangsta” car that Canserbero drove

Before leaving us, the rapper Canserbero showed himself aboard a car that, if seen on the streets of the “hood”, would undoubtedly remind us of a “gangsta” mafioso car worthy of Hollywood movies. Swipe to see the video.

The true undisputed legend of Hispanic rap cannot go unnoticed in our news portal. Without much further ado, Canserbero managed to reach the hearts of thousands of people both in music and on the road.

Today you will know the peculiar car that the rapper Canserbero showed in one of his video clips: a mafioso car that, if seen in the streets of the “hood”, would be passed off as a real “gangsta”. How much does it cost? Find out about the ending!

What does the “gangsta” mafioso car that Canserbero drove look like?

Canserbero aboard his luxurious Impala

It is the bestial Chevrolet Impala, a mythical car manufactured in 1961. Its four door sedan model allow a comfortable walk, where the leather seats mark the aesthetic superiority that this model represents.

Its power is still in force, powered by a spectacular V8 engine and one 3-speed manual gearbox, which manages to delight us with a max torque approx 373Nm @ 4600 RPM What a piece of car!

As for its board, far from being electronic, it takes us back to those old days where analog is the rule and is not scarcein conjunction with a system adapted for smokers in order to look like a real “bad boy” on the road.

Chevolet Impala 1961 inside

Price of Canserbero’s Impala, his “gangsta” car

Taking into account that it is a vintage collectible car, its value it won’t be cheap at all. Coveted by all collectors on the market, Its market value is $30,995… A fair price to pay for such a car.

VIDEO: Canserbero aboard his Impala car

Canserbero driving his Chevrolet Impala

Canserbero’s incredible life change: how he went from having nothing to achieving everything

Marked by a difficult life story, where at nine years old he had to live very closely the sad departure of his mother, which was his engine to achieve everything he set out to do.

“You must love without fear of being betrayed, although without giving priority to those who have not given you priority”

Without a doubt that hehumility managed to take him to the top in the rap industryand today we are left to remember it as what it really was: an idol, both in music and on the road. Up Canserbero!

When did Canserbero leave us?

The Venezuelan singer and rapper passed on to a better life on January 20, 2015 in Maracay, Venezuela. He will be remembered for what he was: an authentic rap beast that motivates us every day to follow our dreams along the path of the right path. Up Canserbero!

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That’s how mafioso is the “gangsta” car that Canserbero drove