That time Queen Elizabeth II missed a Paul McCartney concert because of ‘Twin Peaks’

Given the recent death of Isabel IIthere are many celebrities who are taking advantage to remember anecdotes about the queen of England. The queen was a recognized lover of corgis, horses, ABBA, the Arsenal and, it seems, that she also he was fascinated by the iconic David Lynch series.

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In a interview which has resurfaced following the death of the queen, Angelo Badalamenti, Lynch’s regular composerhe remembered the anecdote that the former Beatle told him Paul MCCARTNEY when both agreed on a project together.

Badalamenti took care of composing the music for the series ‘Twin Peaks’ and it was at the height of his popularity when moved to London to work with McCartney. The interpreter took advantage of the occasion to share a curious anecdote with the composer: “Let me tell you a story.”

Shortly before that meeting, McCartney told him, he was asked to perform for Queen Elizabeth II. On the day in question, McCartney appeared before the queen saying, “I’m honored to be here tonight, Her Majesty, and I’m going to play some music for you.” To which she replied: “Sorry I can’t stay, it’s five minutes to eight and I have to go see ‘Twin Peaks'”.

‘Twin Peaks’ is the mythical series created by David Lynch and Mark Frostwhose first two seasons were broadcast between 1990 and 1991, to which was added an unexpected and enigmatic season 3 in 2016. The series has gone down in television history, in part thanks to the legendary Badalamenti theme song that opened each episode.

As a fan of the series, the queen must have thought that there would be other Paul McCartney concerts to go to, but she did not want to miss the weekly episode of ‘Twin Peaks’. Seen what was seen, she must have come out winning.

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That time Queen Elizabeth II missed a Paul McCartney concert because of ‘Twin Peaks’