Tatacoa Estéreo Festival, a camping experience full of music and comedy

The Tatacoa desert It is one of the most extensive arid lands in Colombia and, in turn, one of the greatest natural attractions that the country offers in terms of tourism. Reason why it will be the scene of one of the first festivals to be held in the country, after the arrival of Covid-19.

The Camping Tatacoa Stereo It promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience, because in addition to having a large line-up of musicians and comedians who will liven up the stay, it seeks that attendees enjoy the natural connection that this dry and tropical forest allows, located in the department of Huila.

“The idea of ​​going back to the festivals. A few months ago it was uncertain and unlikely, but the examples of massive events on the other side of the world revived the hope of meeting again. Today we have light! The grace of nature conspired and we will have the opportunity to return and enjoy together ”, commented those responsible for the event.

Well then, will be two days (August 14 and 15) full of pure energy and good vibes, with guest musical artists such as Alkilados and LosPetitFellas, entertainment activities and a night to see the meteor shower, as well as the diversity of celestial bodies from the perspective that offers the Desert of La Tatacoa.

David Lopez Y Dr. Fly son some of the guest DJs for the ‘UFO night’; while among the comedians who will accompany the so-called ‘heavenly night’, there will be the popular Franco Bonilla Y Andrés Torres.

“The Festival El Camping Tatacoa Estéreo offers a complete plan of services and activities where attendees can feel safe by biosafety protocols and their limited capacity,” added the organization.

To separate a general or VIP quota, it can be done with only $ 100,000, which must be consigned to the savings accounts Bancolombia (45574215963) and Banco Caja Social (15739607), or to the Nequi account number 3022544644.

Remember that as soon as the payment has been made, you must send a screen capture to corroborate the transfer, as well as your contact information: name, ID and telephone number via a WhatsApp message (to 3123962236 or 3507732290).

What’s more, All the information on the schedule of activities can be found on the event’s website: https://campingtatacoa.com/, in which you can also find information about other confirmed artists and all the activities that will mark the return of the festivals in the country.

EXPED is the company in charge of presenting the El Camping Tatacoa Estéreo festival, who offer multiple tasks of academic management and international logistics for a student audience, which seek to advance their academic training and obtain enrichment experiences.

“It is a company with international recognition because thanks to its innovative ideas, for generating individuals with an organizational leadership development in the needs of a changing globalization daily, equipped by strengths and virtues that contribute to the progress of our society,” they commented.

Just a few months ago LosPetitFellas presented ‘Point blank’, his most recent record production, and this will be the moment to play, for the first time on stage and for dozens of people, the songs that make up the album.

In an interview with Infobae Colombia, Nicolai Fella (vocalist) mentioned part of his experience in the production of these pieces.

“I find it very nice that LosPetitfellas, on each album, make themselves feel more evolved in their consciousness about being, about music, about art and I think things are going better there. One is training and creating but in a more cool way and this uncertainty of the pandemic has led us to smell, live and feel higher places, and with so much camel one walks focused ”, he assured.