Tame Impala concert causes convulsions in fans and the band issues warning

If the shows of tame Impala, is due to its intensity both sound and visual, however; The band recently had to issue a warning about the lighting effects they employ after some people in the audience suffered seizures during their concert in Aukland, New Zealand.

On October 15, the psychedelic rock ensemble performed at the Spark Sand as part of his current global tour in favor of ‘The Slow Rush‘ (2020), his most recent record production.

The concert of 18 songs and an encore, mostly made up of new cuts such as “Borderline”, “Is It True” and “Lost In Yesterday; It would have gone smoothly, had it not been for “a couple of people who convulsed”, according to what was declared kevin parker and company in social networks.

Without disclosing details about those affected, tame Impala assured that the situation was not serious and fortunately it could be treated at the scene, and warned the audience about the “intense visual moments in his show”.

“Hi guys, just a reminder that there are some pretty intense visual moments in our show, so please be careful if you think you might be sensitive to those things or susceptible to seizures.”

“Also, if you see someone in distress, do the right thing for your concert partner and help/ask for help. We can usually get help very quickly. We have found that leaving space and opening the way is really useful (this is valid for all types of medical emergencies)”.

“There were a couple of people who had seizures last night who were treated onsite by St. John’s and luckily it wasn’t serious/they didn’t need to go to the hospital. Thanks to everyone who attended/helped.”

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Tame Impala concert causes convulsions in fans and the band

Last October 5, tame Impala celebrated the tenth anniversary oflonerism‘, his second record material and, to mark the occasion, the band performed it for the first time in its entirety within the framework of the festival Desert Daze.

Speaking about the creative impact of ‘lonerism‘, released in 2012, kevin parker said:

“It’s hard to sum up what the album means to me right now. It was a very special moment for me making music.

In a way that was when I really discovered myself as an artist. I had finally given myself permission to let music completely take over my being… So I had this new sense of creative freedom.”

Via NME.

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Tame Impala concert causes convulsions in fans and the band issues warning