Taemin surprised Key at GOAT IN THE KEYLAND concert

First paragraph: SHINee’s Key performed in Seoul on October 22 as part of their GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) IN THE KEYLAND concert. It is the idol’s first concert with an audience since the beginning of the pandemic, so it was a very important moment for the artist. However, what no one expected was to see Taemin in the audience.

Key was presented in Seoul this October 22 and 23, in its first concert with public present in almost three years. Among the public, there were very important people but the great surprise of the night was the presence of taemin in the place. What did the idol do during the concert?

Taemin was seen at Key’s concert. // Source: Twitter @718FEED

The members of SHINee They have always shown how united they are and do not miss the opportunity to show support for their colleagues, both in the group and in the company. For that reason, Taemin took advantage of a moment off from his military service to go to Key’s concert and support him.

In addition to taeminother artists who attended the key’s concert It was Red Velvet’s Irene and Yeri, who have always been very close to the SHINee members. Key returned a few months ago with the Gasoline album and his concert was highly anticipated by his fans.

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SHINee’s Taemin supported Key at his solo concert in Seoul

A few hours ago Key SHINee performed in concert in Seoul with GOAT IN THE KEYLAND. A very special event, as he met his fans for the first time after several years of not performing live due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the surprises of the night, the one that most moved the fans was when the screen focused on a surprise guest and it was taeminwho is currently on active duty in the military and who nobody expected to be present that night.

When the camera focused on him, taemin he looked a little embarrassed, especially because of Shawol’s intense shout that greeted him and they shouted even more when the idol raised banners supporting Key’s solo concert. You can see the exact moment here:

  • Taemin at Key’s concert. // Source: Twitter @SaraOT5

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When does SHINee Taemin’s military service end?

On the other hand, the Taemin’s military service began at the end of May 2021 and is expected to officially conclude next month (November 2022). The exact date has not been confirmed yet, but Shawol can’t wait to see him again with SHINee on stage. During his months of service, the South Korean had very few updates and it was impossible to know if he was in good health or not. For that reason, it was a great joy for his fans to see him smiling at Key’s concert. Did you wait long for Taemin?

In other news, members of stray kids They decided to celebrate Lee Know’s birthday at a fanmeeting with Stay. Did you hear?

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Taemin surprised Key at GOAT IN THE KEYLAND concert