Stray Kids Announces World Tour: 3 Reasons They Should Play Mexico Concerts In 2022

Stray Kids little by little he has managed to make his way into the music industry. With their songs they have caused thousands of people to join STAY, their fandom and as the months went by, the idols did not stop conquering hearts. On this occasion, true to the style of Marvel and Steve Jobs, Felix presented the Step Out 2022 where in addition to several projects, they announced a World Tour and in Sónica we bring three reasons why you have to come to Mexico.

Just as the cell phones, computers or projects of some production house present, Stray Kids had to Felix to make all these typical gestures of these presentations and show all the good that the South Korean band did in this 2021 in order to give priority to their projects in 2022.

Besides of World Tour, Stray Kids has prepared a second fan meeting, 2kids Room, two new albums, Skozoo Pop-Up Store in Korea and a Reality TV, among other things. However, what most excited international fans was the announcement of his world tour. So far no more details about it have been announced but we hope they come to Mexico and Latin America.

3 reasons why Stray Kids has to come to Mexico in 2022

  • GOT7 and TWICE have come to Mexico

The country is not an unknown place for JYP artists, as their GOT7 hyungs came in 2019 as part of their world tour. On the other hand, the TWICE queens also had the opportunity to perform at the Palacio de los Deportes and the reception they had with the Mexican people. Both bands took good memories of the country and Stray Kids you must have yours.

  • Mexico is one of the countries with the most stream

According to the Stray Kids fan bases, Mexico It is in the first Latin American countries with more streams to the famous South Korean band. Let us remember that the success they have on digital platforms is usually, in some cases, a ‘popcorn’ for bands to visit our country.

Let’s remember that in the recent KCON 2021 the JYP band made a presentation where they took out various elements of Mexico and STAY couldn’t handle the excitement. We hope that they will soon announce dates in Latin America and our country will be one of their stops to the delight of their fandom.

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Stray Kids Announces World Tour: 3 Reasons They Should Play Mexico Concerts In 2022