Steve Hackett shows the planet on fire in his new video

The legendary Steve Hackett, ex-Genesis guitarist, has already released his new studio album Surrender of Silence through Inside Out Music. The disc contains eleven new songs composed by the artist during the confinement, which for the first time, has completed two studio albums in the same year. As a celebration, the artist premieres a new song “Scorched Earth” and a video that you can see below.

Hackett comments: “I am very proud of this new album, Surrender of Silence! It has a great team and a wide variety of musical styles, from macabre metal to more romantic themes. I am impatient for what is coming with this new job and I really want to take it live … “

With the atmosphere already heated thanks to the acoustic trip that the musician gave us with his latest album ‘Under A Mediterranean Sky’, which premiered in January of this year and reached # 2 on the sales charts of classic albums in Gran Brittany, now Hackett brings us Surrender of Silence in which the musician lovingly explores the world of music, discovering new sounds, moods and textures to conceive a rock album with an extraordinary variety, powerful and precious at the same time.

Like Under A Mediterranean Sky, Surrender of Silence was also recorded during confinement and again Hackett called in a lot of musician friends from different countries to contribute to it. These are Hackett’s stage regulars: Roger King (keyboards, programming and orchestral arrangements), Rob Townsend (sax, clarinet), Jonas Reingold (bass), Nad Sylvan (singer) and Craig Blundell (drums) complemented by Phil Ehart and Nick D’Virgilio (drums), the talented voices of Amanda Lehmann, Durga and Lorelei McBroom, Christine Townsend (violin, viola), Malik Mansurov (tar) and Sodirkhon Ubaidulloev (dutar).

Our journey starts from a Russian classical orchestra (Natalia) and reaches the heart of Africa (Wingbeats) passing through the mysterious eastern coasts of the east (Shanghai To Samarkand) and, crossing the deep oceans (Relaxation Music for Sharks (featuring feeding frenzy) ). The Devil’s Cathedral brings together the talents of the entire Hackett touring band and features King’s atmospheric gothic organ alongside a powerful display of rhythms created by Blundell and Reingold.

Voices have never been better with Amanda Lehmann’s duet that adds excitement to Scorched Earth – a lament for the horrors that the environment and planet experience today. Across the guitars, Hackett adds a rich array of colors with soaring solos and intricately intertwined melodies.

“It’s an album with no restrictions,” adds Hackett, “riding the waves, unleashing those demons, dreams and nightmares, all of them crashing on the shore.”

“I enjoyed the power of this album allowing me to shout with joy on the guitar… and once again flying over the oceans of different lands. It’s terrifying to creatively connect with musicians in far away places, especially when you can’t meet. We all have a voice in our cacophony sound and together we shout in the Surrender of Silence! ”

Here is the new video, “Scorched Earth”:

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