Staff at Karol G’s concert gives lesson to assistant who covered view

  • Concert production was historically affected after the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Event organizers are paying particular attention to ensure a good experience for attendees.

  • Consumers have shown to have strongly missed the massive events, which are already back.

The lighting control area at a Karol G concert has chosen to teach an assistant a lesson
that was blocking the view of the public towards the singer.

The production of massive events is positioned as a strong income opportunity for those who are involved in the musical environmentsince millions of people are constantly waiting for their favorite artist to visit their respective city to be able to delight their senses with all the show that these organizers are in charge of putting on to offer an incomparable experience, for which it is truly worth the It’s worth paying a high-cost ticket for “only” a couple of hours of show.

According to the Pollstar study where it shows the number of tickets sold to attend one of the concerts of the main musical tours worldwide, during 2019 these managed to register the amount of 57.7 million; However, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and the decrease in social mobility had a direct impact on its economy, since only 13.4 million tickets were sold during 2020 and it managed to register a slight growth in 2021 by having 19 millions of them, so it is expected that they will continue to grow and resume their daily lives again.

considering the return of massive events Around the world, different world-class artists have done their part for its effective production, as well as the respective organizers and other members have chosen to provide a particular service to ensure that they give the best experience to their attendees.

On this occasion, during a Karol G concert in Peru, one of the attendees has chosen to climb on the shoulders of her companion to be able to record part of the concert of the singer of the urban genre, thus obstructing the view of the public; however, she received a considerable lesson from what appears to be the event’s lighting control area, as they pointed a laser at her as a warning to stop doing it, turning out to have been an effective strategy to “get the attention of others.” she”.

@yessysre They lowered it, be empathic, not unfriendly 🤣 #bichotatour #guilty #karolg #karolgperu #concertkarolg #fypシ #sand1 #limaperu🇵🇪 #arenalimaperu🇵🇪 #friend #live concert ♬ Original Sound – Unknown

Faced with this “correction” to the Karol G concert assistant who did not let the public see, users have made all kinds of comments about it, both positive and negative, as they are. “The problem is that it doesn’t let those behind you see, it seems very good to me”, “the laser is very dangerous”“what a good idea!”, “Excellent, I would have thrown water at him or whatever I had so he could learn and let others see”“reckless”, among other thoughts about it.

Music lovers have shown that they miss concerts as they were held in pre-pandemic times, since their euphoria can be seen with the naked eye, as happened at that concert in Justin Bieber where his fans even continued with his event by “taking” the CDMX subway cars.

@fernandacampbell98 what happened on the subway after Justin Bieber’s concert ❤️❤️❤️ #Justin Bieber #meter #cdmx #justice #justicetour #foryou #for you #beliebers #JB #purpose #believe #myworld #mexicanbeliebers ♬ original sound – Fernanda Campbell

Similarly, event organizers have shown to strengthen their efforts to offer attendees the best experience, even from the very shipping tickets, as demonstrated by Tomorrowlandexciting consumers with an amazing design even before the event takes place.

@marcos_fuentes9 #viral #for you #tomorrowland #music #fyp ♬ The Nights – Avicii

Consumers and concert goers have played an important role in the economic revival around the music industry around the world.

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Staff at Karol G’s concert gives lesson to assistant who covered view