Spanish singer Beret arrives in the United States with his ‘Prisma’: “I bring diversity and, above all, a very dynamic concert” – KESQ

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(CNN Spanish) – Beret, one of the most viral singers in Spain, arrives in the United States to offer only two concerts.

New York and Miami will be the lucky cities to receive the Sevillian, famous for songs like “Sorry”, “Ojalá” and “Please don’t go”.

In the presentations, which would initially take place in November 2020, Beret will perform the songs from his first album entitled “Prisma”, released in October 2019.

What brings Beret to the American stages?

In Spain, their presentations have been a resounding success, obtaining the coveted sold-out at the WiZink Center, one of the most important concert venues in Madrid.

“Prisma” was in the top 20 of the best-selling albums in Spain in 2019, 2020 and 2021, according to Promusicae, the association of music producers in that country.

His audience’s experience in the United States will be similar to what he presented in Europe, he says.

“I bring diversity and above all, a very dynamic concert in which you can go from a ballad to a reggae song, like a rain of emotions,” Beret told Zona Pop CNN in an interview via Zoom.

“You can go from laughing to crying, to listening to songs from 2015, to completely new songs. We remix the songs and do a new version at the concert so it doesn’t sound literally the same as it is on the platforms,” she says.

“I really think that those who come to see me leave with a good taste in their mouths because I try to give them everything that Beret is and not the Beret of the present, but the Beret since I started,” adds the singer-songwriter.

“Prisma”, an album of common feelings

19 are the themes that comprise that “Prism” of emotions and dense lyrics by Beret. In the production, the Sevillian had the collaboration of Sofía Reyes (“Lo Siento”), Sebastián Yatra (“Come back”), Vanesa Martín (“Cóseme”), Pablo Alborán (“Dream”) and Melendi (“From scratch” ).

“Prisma talks in general about humanizing a bit about what is not talked about. Many times it seems that showing our insecurities makes us weak. Prisma, as the name says, is a way of seeing the same thing depending on who is listening to it, that’s why I gave it that name, because depending on the light with which you are looking at it, the color varies. Whoever goes to see me will feel identified with a song, for sure,” Beret told CNN Pop Zone.

Perhaps the success of the album, which on Spotify alone exceeds a billion plays, lies in the universality of the themes.

“These are universal themes. I believe that the best way to feel identified [es] talk directly, literally, about what happens to us every day”, he explains.

“The least expected day”, his first single of 2022

At the beginning of the year, Beret released the heartbreaking song “The least expected day”, which speaks of the moment in which a person forgets something or someone.

“The theme is to get to the day when you least think you’re going to forget something, because literally when you forget something, obviously you don’t realize that you’ve forgotten it. You don’t stop to say I just forgot such! because if you stop to think about it, you haven’t forgotten it,” explains Beret to Zona Pop CNN.

“It’s like that feeling so difficult to get to the moment when you say the least expected day I’m going to stop thinking about you, without realizing it. I think that really happens to all of us and is a way to evolve. I think we have all had the least expected day to forget something or someone, ”she explains.

The song has made such an impression on his followers that Beret says he has received entire paragraphs of comments on his social networks, from followers explaining how each of the words of the song reached them.

“People’s reaction has been great. Many times I upload songs and over time I read people a little or understand the reaction they have, and with this song it just so happens that people have responded very well. Usually [cuando] I bring up a good topic, people [dice] ok, i like it, so and so, but when they send you a bunch of comments… a person really feels it [cuando] write that,” he says.

The importance of Latin America in Beret’s career

The Sevillian has already experienced the passion and intensity of the Latin American public. He remembers his fans from Argentina with special affection. He says that they have been the only ones who have been installed for hours outside his hotel to be able to see him.

“Argentina is amazing. It is the only place in the world where they have literally slept at the door of the hotel to see me. I mean, it’s amazing, it’s very crazy, “says Beret.

The singer says that singing in Latin America has marked a before and after in his career.

“For me, singing in Latin America is, I would tell you, a change in my music… I think it was a change even in my life, really. I think that of the best moments that I have had in my life, they have been in Latin America”, she explains.

“The concerts I have given there have been brutal. They have made me have more culture, to be able to open my mind a lot. I think one heals by traveling and I, always living in Seville, have thought since I was little that I was always going to stay there and realizing that my music sounds ten thousand kilometers away seems brutal to me”, says Beret.

Tour of the United States and Mexico

Those who want to enjoy Beret can attend his concert this Thursday, March 10, at the legendary Sounds of Brazil in New York.

In Miami, the Sevillian will perform on Saturday March 12 at La Scala Miami.

In April, Beret will head to Mexico. There she will begin her tour at the “Tecate Pal Norte” festival in Monterrey. He will also take his “Prism Tour” to:

Guadalajara, Queretaro, Mexico City, Puebla.

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Spanish singer Beret arrives in the United States with his ‘Prisma’: “I bring diversity and, above all, a very dynamic concert” – KESQ