SOS: Support emerging bands

Bringing to life the independent music that brings us to life.

This is not a note of complaint, scolding or compassion, this is a selfless attempt to create a more friendly and active environment between the music fan and the music creator. Because sometimes it seems that from the perspective of the public the artistic question is like anything else, “oh yes, I have a supporter who plays in a band”, but behind it there is a more complex job than we think.

The effort to do it yourself

Constantly organizing more than two people, looking wherever and however it is for decent instruments that are not so expensive, composing, planning releases, fighting with venues to let them play without being forced to sell tickets and avoid malicious dealings or doing the flyersit is a job that can be quite exhausting and sometimes does not have great economic remuneration.

But when the artist has love for what he does and likes what he does, money is not always the most important thing, the most important thing will always be the direct connection with the public and being able to create that live communion. Therefore, when paying for a ticket to a concert, buying mech or just share the flyer at one touch the support is bigger than it seems.

Check out our agenda and go see your fav emerging artists!

Precisely, being aware of the performances is a very important part of mutual support. Independent bands usually pull in a pack, so at a gig of the band you like you can meet more bands and even get to circuits underground of gigs that do not occur in venues conventional, sometimes they are in houses, apartments or other very unexpected places and thus the musical experience reaches another level.


Emerging Music vs the Algorithm

A band shouldn’t think about what content to upload to their social networks so that people follow them or the platforms give them more visibility, what if a cooking recipe, what if a new dance of tiktokwhat if a “story time” or a “Challenge”.

Because it is real, the platforms punish certain types of content so that you as a user are forced to put money into your publications to achieve a greater reach and even using these advertising tools you do not end up achieving the desired reach either.

social media

It’s just that it’s crazy, apart from giving free content to their platforms, you have to pay for that content to be seen, all these tactics are evil.

To give likecommenting, saving and sharing publications of independent bands, in addition to actively supporting them and giving them a few numbers on social networks, is also a method of going against the algorithm and perhaps thus generating an ecosystem in your social networks that leads you to meet new bands.

Finding your new favorite band

One thing is very true, we are living in incredible times for music lovers, today there is an enormous amount of music of everything for everyone overflowing everywhere.

Therefore, have Spotify as the only musical source can limit the fun, it is true that one can describe a lot of music from there, but many times its algorithm can be a bit repetitive or it is focused on certain artists.

Music today is so vast that it is not always found in one place, that’s why bandcamp It is also a good place to discover new things, besides the Bandcamp Friday it is an unemployment for the artist. Internet radio, live sessions on Youtubeprofiles of TikTok or being aware of special sections of emerging bands in some national and international media are some ways to discover new projects, we have so many options and sometimes we don’t take advantage of them.


Using all these resources to get to know music will prevent us from becoming that person who says: “There is no new music anymore”, they will help us find our new favorite bands or songs and at the same time we will keep the wheel of support for emerging bands turning. . In the end, discovering new bands and artists is one of the greatest ways to support new projects.

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SOS: Support emerging bands