Songs of sirens inspire the latest single from the Colombian band DePailots »Here you find out first!

The muses of the sea, who used their songs to trap sailors in the ocean, inspired the new song by the Colombian ska punk band DePailots, which under the title of ‘Syrena’ explores funk and jazz sounds.

The song that was born in a jam where the members of the group implemented funk with the guitars, recreating in the winds the cuts and the expressiveness of the big jazz bands, with a solid base between the bass and the drums. The song is inspired by the syrenas as muses and how they used their songs to catch sailors from the sea.

Without abandoning the power of distortion, the forcefulness of the riffs and the dynamics of the cuts in unison, elements that have been evolving in Depailots’ sound, in this song the group explores more elements of funk. To finish giving color to the song, the band invited Sebastián Wiesner (tenor saxophone) who performed the solos and harmonized the brass that the pilots did for this song.

“It’s a perfect song when people are tired of the rolling waves of love, when they need a space to raise their energy and have already exhausted their minds with negative thoughts. When they need an injection of energy and joy”, adds the Bogota band.

The video of the song was worked from the myth of the syrenas. In the clip, the main syrena calls each member of the band with her singing. To give a twist to the story and personality of each member, characters were sought to arrive at the syrena party.

The technique of the audiovisual work, driven by self-management, was to use the cross between cut paper with the technique developed by Walt Disney for his animations.

DePailots was born in 2018 in Bogotá under the premise of creating a project that fuses multiple musical styles with the energy and forcefulness that are representative of the genre.

With this innovative spirit, Diego García (founder) began the search for those who would be the new pilots, among whom are currently Ricardo Segura (saxophone), Duván Soto (drums), Nicolás Siachoque (guitar and voice), Diego García (bass and voice) and Emanuel Ledesma (trombone).

The intention of his musical proposal seeks to keep the energy above the listener, defining his own sound that fuses the strength and aggressiveness of punk rock and hardcore, with the energy and forcefulness of ska, the flavor of reggae and other musical colors. that DePailots explores to blow up audiences like kamikazes. His lyrics are passionate, dramatic, romantic, social and imaginative.

“Our intention has always been to talk about issues of daily life as individuals and as part of a society from a different rhetoric, a voice that allows us to address common themes in music, but with a different expression,” says the group.

‘Syrena’ is one of three songs DePailots has worked on in recent months since the pandemic. The first was ‘Antinatura’, which was part of the musical compilation No Travel Kit 2. ‘Syrena’ is the second single that seeks to change the dynamics of the group’s proposal, showing a broader facet. The third single will be released in September. Three songs that seek to expand the sound of the band and give dynamism to its sound.

DePailots is at a stage where they want to set up a new fan base in Colombia and Latin America through digital releases in order to start conquering new audiences.

The group plans a tour of Colombia to visit the main cities of the country showing their talent live and direct.

“We want to continue playing and exploring new spaces for live music so that people who know our proposal fall in love with our show and turn our songs into the soundtrack of their days”, concludes DePailots.

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Songs of sirens inspire the latest single from the Colombian band DePailots »Here you find out first!