Sonakay reveals her secrets and sings ‘up close’ in a special concert at Aula DV

Sonakay, with Yoni Camacho at the helm, during his last concert at the Victoria Eugenia. / ARIZMENDI

The group that fuses flamenco and Basque cultures stars in the Aquarium meeting, with free admission, which can also be followed on the website of El Diario Vasco

It will be a special meeting. Sonakay is ‘naked’ today in Aula DV. This afternoon, the group from Gipuzkoa that fuses flamenco and Basque cultures will star in a meeting in which its members will first tell the secrets of the band and then sing some of their best-known songs in acoustic format. “For those who come or see us on the web, it will be a different way of getting to know us”, says Yoni Camacho, singer and leader of the group.

Today’s DV Classroom

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    Aquarium, 7:00 p.m., free admission until full capacity is reached.

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    La Caixa Foundation

The appointment is at 7:00 p.m. at the Aquarium, with free admission until full capacity is reached. The meeting, organized by El Diario Vasco in collaboration with Fundación la Caixa, can also be followed live through “We have prepared this appointment with care because it is a kind of acoustic in which there will be only three of us, my partner David Bernárdez on percussion, David Escudero on guitar and I with my songs,” says singer Yoni Camacho. The conversation will be with Mitxel Ezquiaga, DV journalist.

The Got Talent experience

Camacho recalls that musicians continue to combine their work with music “because it is not easy to live off the music with which it is falling.” He still remembers how the group debuted with its first formation, in 2009, with its performance at the Jazz Altxerri gallery within the framework of the International Day of the Gypsy People.

Made up of musicians with great experience in other groups, this «Basque band with strong roots, both Basque and Gypsy», as they define themselves, in 2015 began to perform versions of jewels from the history of Basque music by merging their two cultures: flamenco and Basque.

With Jaime Stinus as producer

Along with Jonatan Camacho ‘Yoni’ (voice), David Escudero (first guitar) are Ramón Velez (second guitar), José Luis Jiménez ‘Beltza’ (bass) and David Bernárdez (percussion) the usual members of a group that lived its boom ‘in the television program Got Talent Spain in 2018. «It was an appointment in which both the public and the jury were able to stand up, thanks, among other things, to their successful version of’ Txoria txori ‘by Mikel Laboa”, he remembers at Syntorama, his music agency. “In fact, among the more than 40,000 people who participated in the casting, Sonakay managed to be among the top 10 finalists of the talent show,” they add. Since then, Sonakay has not stopped offering concerts, both with his current line-up and with a larger one in which they incorporate dance and txalaparta into their show. They recorded a first album, ‘Sonakay denontzat’, which was followed by ‘Sonakay Guztiekin’, with collaborations with Ketama, María Berasarte, Iñaki Salvador, Iker Lauroba, Urko, Golden Apple Quartet, Omar González, José de Pasaia and Paco Suárez.

“We are already working on new projects with Jaime Stinus as producer,” says Camacho, happy with his latest concerts, such as the one held in November at the Victoria Eugenia, and prepared for new challenges.

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Sonakay reveals her secrets and sings ‘up close’ in a special concert at Aula DV