Some women occupy a concert hall in the heart of Seville and accuse the owner of not being there

A group of women they have squatted a concert hall under the pretext that the owner of the same was missing. After calling the police, the agents proceeded to evict of the premises, located in the historic round of Seville. The women’s collective I wanted to make it a social center “squatted and self-managed”. According to the activists, they tried to locate the owner, without success, so they proceeded to squat room.

The aforementioned activists have reported that it is an old “abandoned” and deteriorated concert hall, and they allege that about two weeks ago it was being adapted by the group for use as a new social space, with the name of Squatted and Self-Managed Social Center La Leona. In addition, the activists defend their efforts to locate the person or entity that owns the premises, insisting that it was “abandoned”.

Around 7:00 p.m. this past Thursday, the group made public the squatting of the premises, destined to host a “community, cultural and artistic” project in which “weave networks of support and solidarityshare experiences and learning and, at the same time, meet the needs of the youth and of neighborhood».

But after making such an extreme public, according to the activists, as of 8:00 p.m. they would have begun to arrive agents of the National Police, body that finally eviction the store without making arrests or identifications, police sources have detailed to Europa Press, pointing out that the owner of the venue requested the action of the agents after being informed by a neighbor of the area of ​​the occupation of the room.

The group of activists, who would have occupied the premises without the owner’s acquiescence, state that the National Police he undertook the eviction “without having any judicial order”. “Several people who acted as mediators for the group informed the police officers of the situation and provided them with evidence that several people had lived inside the building for at least two weeks», they allege, considering “illegal” the eviction and criticizing that the agents acted “by force”

According to the collective, “more and more buildings are abandon and they remain at the mercy of speculation and, in parallel, there are fewer and fewer places left that represent the cultural identities of our neighbourhoods, while spaces that make room for art free from the economic yoke are disappearing».

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Some women occupy a concert hall in the heart of Seville and accuse the owner of not being there