Soda Stereo: the time the band played on the roof of a radio station in Peru before thousands of fans

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For anyone currently in their early 40s, the 1980s it is very special. Not only because of the adventures of childhood, school and so many anecdotes that usually happen to him in the first years of this train called life.

In the case of PeruIn addition to everything described above, there was a painfully special situation, as the country was bleeding due to the cowardly attack of the terrorist group luminous path in the interior and then arrive in Lima.

(Facebook: Charlie Alberti)

That situation, and the severe economic crisis in which we were submerged, especially since 1985, made the country a place unattractive for the arrival of international artists. One of the few escape routes that the youth of those times had was the music played by local radio stations.

Without Facebook, or Instagram, or TikTok, radio stations They were in charge of setting musical trends.

Those times coincided with the rock boom in Spanish. big names like Charlie GarciaMiguel Mateos, The grandparents of nothingHombres G or El Tri sounded very strong among Peruvian youth.

And among so many names of true greats, that of a group of ‘kids’ from Buenos Aires who called themselves soda Stereo.

Justly Gustavo Cerati, Hector “Zeta” Bosio and Carlos Alberto Ficicchia “Charly Alberti”the members of the band, chose our country as one of the first to start expanding the success they were beginning to have in Argentina.

(Facebook: Charlie Alberti)
(Facebook: Charlie Alberti)

Within the framework of his second LP, called ‘Nothing personal’, Soda Stereo embarked on a Latin American tour. Something new in itself for those years when the bands did not usually leave their countries to try their luck elsewhere.

After passing through Colombia, the trio finally arrives in Peru a November 11, 1986 to play the next day in Arequipa. By the 13th they were already in Lima finalizing details of what would be three days of intense activity, since on November 14, 15 and 16 they would play at the Amauta Coliseum.

Needless to say, these shows were held with a full house, despite the Previous Shining Path threats to attack the spectacle. Which happily did not happen.

As part of the promotion, the band was invited to visit the facilities of Pan American Radioone of the sponsors of the event, located at that time in Santa Beatriz.

(Facebook: Charlie Alberti)
(Facebook: Charlie Alberti)

What at first should be an interview inside the radio booth could not be due to the number of people who came to the very door of the station in order to see their musical idols a little closer

And since the public must be given what it asks for, because the organizers of that event decided to take the ‘Trilogy of Rock’ to the roof of the building. Idea that was perhaps inspired by the last show they gave the Beatles on the roof of Apple Corps, in 1969.

Having tangled power lines overhead and drying clotheslines with rock as scenery, that Thursday, November 13, 1986, Gustavo, Zeta and Charly gave a treat to their fans who couldn’t get a ticket for some of their concerts. And together they sang the hits of the moment like Signs, When the tremor passes and American Shutter. All the little show they did was broadcast live and direct to all of Peru.

(Facebook: Charlie Alberti)
(Facebook: Charlie Alberti)

Since then, the visits of Soda Stereo became more and more frequent to our country that became a bastion for the career of Argentine musicians.

That’s why for the tour ‘The last concert’ from 1997before their separation so that each member dedicates himself to his personal projects, caused great pain among his Peruvian followers that the band did not consider Peru.

The fans had (had) to wait 10 more years to see how they corrected the mistake and see them, now for the last time, play together at the National Stadium.

“Peru is a country that we love very much. At some point I feel Peruvian. It is a country that generated a lot at the beginning of Soda. Now there is what happened on the roof of Radio Panamericana. Your past is part of your present and the memories are fresher, “Charly Alberti told the media in his country.


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Soda Stereo: the time the band played on the roof of a radio station in Peru before thousands of fans