So you can activate the Dragon Ball mode in WhatsApp and become a true Saiyan

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In order to provide a better experience to its users, WhatsApp is constantly being updated and implemented new tools that can be configured according to the tastes of each person.

The instant messaging application offers its users a wide range of functionalities, from sending text messages to makingcalls and video callseven implemented the option of create states through photos and videos that are shared with all contacts.

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Also, WhatsApp offers several customization tools with which each user can configure their account according to their tastes and needs; especially when it comes to the interface and appearance of the application.

In this opportunity, WhatsApp launched the ‘Dragon Ball mode’ so that fans of the series can take their app experience to another level.

How to activate the ‘Dragon Ball mode’ in WhatsApp?

First of all, the user must download an application, which will help him to modify the appearance with the dragon ball interface

Also, to begin customization, you must replace the app icon for one related to dragonball. For this, follow these steps:

  • Download a PNG format image of the Dragon Ball logo, which can be found using a Google search or image services such as Favpng, Pngtree or Dreamstime.
  • Download the ‘Nova Launcher’ app from the Google Play Store.
  • In Nova Launcher, open the app and select the WhatsApp icon.
  • Select the “Edit” option, then go to “Applications” and search for the previously downloaded image.
  • Choose the image and adjust its size as an icon.
  • Once the adjustments have been made, the platform will allow the new icon to be displayed.
  • Click on “Done” to apply the modification to the icon of the messaging application.

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After doing the above, you must modify the background image of the chats by following these steps:

  • Download a photograph or image associated with Dragon Ball.
  • Enter the WhatsApp configuration options, by pressing the icon of the three points that is located in the upper right part of the screen.
  • Access the ‘Settings’ option, then ‘Chats’ and then you must choose the ‘Wallpaper’ function.
  • Press the button that says ‘Change’.
  • Choose the option ‘My photos’ and then you will have to select the image that has previously been downloaded.
  • Adjust the size on the screen and then click on ‘Set as wallpaper’.

To finish with the installation of the ‘Dragon Ball mode’ it is necessary change digital keyboard background photo of the smartphone, so that it also takes on an appearance based on Dragon Ball. In this part, you need to download and activate the functions of the ‘GBoard’ application and perform the following steps:

  • Download from Google images related to the Dragon Ball movie or video games.
  • Open any WhatsApp chat.
  • Press the text field to bring up the onscreen keyboard.
  • Press the icon of the three points in a row, to open the keyboard settings.
  • Choose the ‘Theme’ option, then select ‘My Themes’ and then choose the previously downloaded image.
  • Adjust the size of the photo, click on ‘Next’, then click on ‘Done’ and finally click on the ‘Apply’ button.

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So you can activate the Dragon Ball mode in WhatsApp and become a true Saiyan