June 18, 2021

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So we can insert videos or music in Pages, Numbers or Keynote documents for Mac

1622570256 So we can insert videos or music in Pages Numbers

Pages, Numbers or Keynote documents go far beyond the text and tables that we can add. It is usual that we add images, but the repertoire reaches also to videos or music. Although it is true that they are little-used resources, it is also true that they can substantially enrich the document or presentation. A resource, also, really easy to use, let’s see how.

More than text and images: videos and sound tracks

In almost the same way that we insert images in our iWork documents, we can insert videos and music that we have downloaded. Assuming that we already have the document in question open, the steps are, regardless of whether we use Pages, Numbers or Keynote, the following:

  1. We hit the button Multimedia from the top.
  2. We choose Videos or Music.
  3. In the multimedia browser we touch the tab Videos or Music.
  4. We use the sidebar to navigate through the different albums and once we have found the content we want to insert, we simply click on it.
  5. We close the multimedia browser.

As long as we don’t close the little content browser in step five, we can click on more than one item so that are progressively inserted. The order of the clicks is important here to avoid having to reorder everything once the contents are inserted into the document.

It should be noted that when we go to the tab Music A small magnifying glass appears at the top right so that we can directly search for the track that interests us. Alternative, as we can do from the tab Videos, we will use the different albums, lists and other components of the left sidebar to be able to locate the content effectively.

Once the element is inserted we can resize it, move it, align it, add a caption and any other management, such as leave comments. The system is exactly the same as the one we would use with an image or any other element of the document, because in the end the system treats all the elements in the same way.

That easy. Whether we want to add a video in a keynote presentation, an audio in a spreadsheet or simply want to add more content to our Pages document, the truth is that using multimedia elements can greatly enrich the experience.