Snake bites singer in the face during recording – El Comercio

Maeta she is a musical artist American that in recent years grew exponentially thanks to digital platforms. Beyond composition and songs, she often strives to create original videos to create a whole multimedia work that is frequently applauded by his followers.

The latest footage brief that uploaded did not earn any praise and rather caught the attention of all users on social networks. Not in vain the clip went viral in a matter of hours. Maeta herself shared the video on her Twitter account.

Maeta, 21, posted a clip taken from what appears to be the behind the scenes from the recording of one of his music videos. She, in a black and white shot, is lying on the floor. Has a snake on his lap and someone from props is about to pass him another.

The moment is clearly seen when the initial snake, the one that scurries through its thorax, launches a bite on one part of the face. Faced with pain, Maeta stands up quickly and someone else helps him remove the snake from his body.

Those five seconds, very distressing, went viral in social networks. The original post on Twitter has more than 145 ‘likes’ after having exploded on Maeta’s official Instagram account.

She, in that social network, did not explain what the outcome of the bite – if any treatment was necessary or if he got sick – but he did say, jokingly, that that was what he had to do “(to make videos) for you.”

On Instagram the video has had little more than 450 thousand views. The comments are disabled, therefore, the followers of the actress ‘entrenched themselves’ on Twitter.

They sent him their best wishes and, above all, asked him to be much more careful for future recordings. There were those who inquired about the security measures in the use of snakes and if exposing them on video —and incidentally exposing the integrity of another person, since the bite, at least from what you see, was hard— cannot be considered animal abuse.

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Snake bites singer in the face during recording – El Comercio