Sisters Of Mercy mess it up again at their concert in Barcelona

That the performances of the British and legendary Sisters Of Mercy in our country they have brought a lot of queue is something that anyone who has seen them live will understand. What we did not expect is that this tour, announced as a great show of greatest hits, will end up becoming one of the group’s worst experiences in Spain.

Andrew Eldritch and his musicians are still determined to destroy the name of what is one of the essential dark rock formations of all time. But this time we hoped that kind of curse that has turned a good part of his concerts in Spain into full-blown disappointments would not come true. In fact, everything seemed amply controlled when both the promoter of the concerts, Eclipse Group, and those responsible for the Razzmatazz room, in which the group played, were surprised to see that the group appeared on stage more than half an hour before of the announced time and with a sound that did not do justice to the previous preparations.

Hence, the promoter of the concert has released a statement in which he deeply regrets a situation beyond his control. Regardless of what the Sisters Of Mercy continue to offer on stage, everything seems to indicate that the confidence of their public in Barcelona will never be renewed after what has been seen on their latest tours in the city.

Here you can read the full statement of the promoter:
“After more than two years trying to put on what was supposed to be one of the best tours for The Sisters of Mercy, with all the problems that have arisen due to the postponements and the chaos suffered by the pandemic, and when it seemed that everything was going well, finally the band arrived in Barcelona with a lot of enthusiasm, they came with new members and new songs, they signed albums, they took photos with the fans, the sound checks sounded good, the smoke was the right one, finally it was possible to see the band… But unfortunately the show started and everything fell apart.

For reasons beyond us and the Razzmatazz room, the band for unknown reasons entered the stage early. We were puzzled. For this reason, at the last moment, the publication had to be edited in case there was someone who could see it.
We assure you that the sound equipment and the technical staff that operated the concert were exclusive to the band. Both we and the room communicated the sound problems, without being able to do anything to improve it.

We deeply regret the situation given that it has been caused by matters beyond our control, for which we have neither been able to intercede nor have we been able to avoid them. We were excited that you could enjoy a great concert, but unfortunately bad luck came at the worst time. EclipseGroup & RRSpromo”.

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Sisters Of Mercy mess it up again at their concert in Barcelona