Singulive already offers its first free immersive concerts for PC VR viewers

The Spanish platform for concerts in virtual reality Singulive was going to be launched on August 13, but finally it was not until yesterday afternoon when it was possible to download from Steam, for free, but still in early access and with few available performances, at the moment two previews, which, like the application, are free.

This application will allow us to attend virtual concerts of national and foreign musicians in various immersive settings. In its current state we can attend a concert of Diego Vasallo (one of the founders of Duncan Dhu) in The Club room and another of Gorka Hermosa & Blanchard Strings at the Apollo Theater. Both recitals are in demo format, the full performances will be included later.

The first time we start Singulive We will have to register, after which we must close the application and launch it again, choosing this second time the option to “Start Singulive VR”. Although in its file it says that it only has support for Oculus Rift, we have been able to use it with HP Reverb G2 and Quest 2 con Cable Link, so it looks like it will work with all PC viewers.

Being still almost in phase beta we can find errors that will be corrected little by little until its final launch scheduled for the month of October. We have found that right now in our avatar we only see some red hands that we can move, but the buttons of the controllers do not perform any action (WMR controls). This is because the controls are primarily mapped to Oculus, both to move and to view the HUD with all the information.

To see the concerts we had to press on the keyboard Intro, after which a menu appears on our desktop monitor from which we can access the immersive performances that are seen and heard in the viewer (they take a while to start). Throwing Singulive with a viewer Oculus Virtual environments are accessed without removing the VR headset.

Visually the scenarios recreated in 3D have a fairly high quality, and although the effect of the presence of the artists on them does not feel real, the experience is very satisfactory, with good quality sound (although this will depend largely on the headphones from our viewer). In the coming days, functions will be incorporated, such as the possibility of taking objects or changes in the appearance of avatars.

At the end of summer the version for Oculus Quest which will be very similar to PC. On both platforms there will be the same content, immersive virtual concerts that will be some free and others sponsored or paid. Among the artists already incorporated into its catalog we find names of musicians of different styles: Christian Wünsch (techno), Mikel Azpiroz (classical), Javier Álvarez (singer-songwriter), Rocío Márquez (flamenco), Pablo Solo (Pop, Rock, Folk), etc. You can find more information the Singulive website.