Singer Vega reveals that she suffers from bipolar disorder: “It is painful and difficult to manage”

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Singer Vega (42 years old), who came into our lives 19 years ago thanks to the second edition of Triumph operation, just did one of his most personal confessions. She has done it as only I could, in the best way she knows: through music.

This Friday, November 19, the singer-songwriter nominated for the Latin Grammy up to two times has published the topic Bipolar, the new single what will be his next album study, White blackbird, which will be released in February 2022. Bipolar It is the story of his life, at least part of it, as he has signed on his blog.

I am bipolar. Real, not regal. diagnosed. Not of that bipolar that we have sometimes thrown at someone as an insult of convenience. My whole life has been full of confusing days. Mornings of crying to the seas for no apparent reason and laughing astride for the same unreason, “begins his post.

And he continues: “Most of the time I have been overwhelmed in those exercises of self-criticism, of observing oneself from the outside levitating in a failed and empty attempt to understand myself and understand those who enjoy me and suffer me. And I’ve been so overwhelmed by not understanding myself by censoring myself, I have applauded the stupid bombast with the same desire that I have flayed myself for not supporting myselfThat these extremes led me to a therapy tour package. Yes, like the tourism of putting hair, but putting buts to everything, from couch to couch. “

His clinical diagnosis, as revealed is: PAS person (highly sensitive), gifted IQ, bipolar and chronic hemiplegic migraine. “Being bipolar is not stupid that can be thrown into the air as one more insult,” says the artist.

And he continues: “It is painful and difficult to manage for those of us who suffer from it and for those around us. But, in my personal experience, I don’t want it to be stigmatized either, I want to give visibility to an ailment that, although it is in itself a non-living for many (many more than we believe, many do not even know they are), It is also an ailment that appears repeatedly in a very beautiful part of people for me“.

It was a couple of days ago when Vega used his social networks, specifically his Instagram account, to inform his followers of what was to come, the meaning of Bipolar and also the details of one of the most special themes of his career.

Bipolar addresses the issue of mental health“says the singer-songwriter.” It is difficult to approach because you have to have an empathic line, know that it is not something easy and that each case is a world … Bipolar is still a song in which I want to make two things clear : a mental health problem is a problem like any other, which requires a professional. And more after the pandemic. Who doesn’t need help from a professional? “

To conclude, and as an anecdote, Vega says that her daughter and her niece are co-authors of his most intimate song. “Mental health should be a priority in healthcare. My daughter and my niece are co-authors of the lyrics. Bipolar is the last song that I wrote of White blackbird. In the process of creation there was a moment when I was worried, crying out loud, I wanted to make a positive leap. A record shift to positivity. The one who makes me happy is my daughter and my niece. I realized that the ones who made me happy were my daughter and my niece and I asked them what made them happy: spring, walking barefoot on the beach we go to in summer, putting flowers in our hair, flying … things would never have occurred to me to put them as an author in a song. ”

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Singer Vega reveals that she suffers from bipolar disorder: “It is painful and difficult to manage”