Singer Arlo Parks cancels his tour because he is “broken”

  • “It is painful to have to admit that my mental health has deteriorated, that I am not well,” he explains in his networks

british singer Arlo Parkswho is known by the cliché of ‘spokesperson for Generation Z’which she sought when, at the age of 18, she titled her first ep ‘Super sad generation’ (2019), has announced that cancel concerts that he had planned in the US because he feels “broken”.

In a statement that he has posted in the last few hours on his social networks, Parks explains that for the last 18 months he has dedicated himself body and soul to work, and that he has done it at ease: “I wanted to show everyone in what I am capable of and to show how grateful I am to have gotten to where I am now. I didn’t want to disappoint my fans or myself,” she explains before revealing that there was a point where her entourage began to worry about her mental state.

And he confesses that these months he has pushed his limits “beyond what is due” and his “mental health has deteriorated”. “I am now in a dark place, exhausted and dangerously low in spirits. It is painful to have to admit that my mental health has deteriorated to the point of weakness, that I am not well and that I am a person with limits,” she explains.

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That is why, she concludes, that she is canceling the tour that was going to take her from Boston to Salt Lake City and that she will try to resume the ‘tour’ in Portland, on September 26. “I don’t make these decisions lightly, but I’m broken and I really need to stop and go home and take care of myself,” she adds to justify a completely understandable decision. “Thank you, I’ll be back,” she finishes.

In recent times, many celebrities have begun to break the taboo and make mental health problems visible, thus helping to break the stigma. In the world of music or cinema, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Jim Carrey, The Rock, Emma Stone or Kanye West are some of those who have explained their mental health problems. In sports, Simone Biles, Andrés Iniesta, Ricky Rubio or Michael Phelps have also revealed that they have suffered from anxiety or depression.

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Singer Arlo Parks cancels his tour because he is “broken”