Singer and TikTok star suffers assault at gunpoint in San Francisco

On his Instagram account he published a couple of photos and videos in which his truck is seen damaged by the thieves.

According to local media, on Friday afternoon Kane and his friends parked in Marina District to search for food and soon after they noticed that some subjects entered the vehicle and took $ 30,000 dollars in equipment.

Kane and his companions chased down the robbers and later pointed pistols at them.

“Hi guys, we just got to San Francisco to shoot the album and one hour of being here they pointed a gun in our faces and stole everything, so this trip is going very well,” Kane said in the post on Instagram .

The singer had visited the city to record a music video and a documentary for his new album.

The singer is expected to return to San Francisco in December for a tour.

San Francisco to provide reward for vehicle thieves

San Francisco will award cash rewards of up to $ 100,000 for information on top-level auto theft leaders.

The cash rewards would come from private donors in the hospitality and tourism industry, Mayor London Breed said at a news conference alongside San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott.

The fund has about $ 225,000 so far and will go to pay for information leading to the arrest and conviction of high-level leaders of organized auto theft groups.

Authorities have said they believe fewer than a dozen car theft groups are responsible for most of the robberies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco, a lawless place?

Frequent cases of theft and viral videos of them have reinforced the perception that San Francisco is a lawless and forgiving place.

Last month, Breed and Scott announced that the city would dedicate more police to combat retail shoplifting and make it easier to report shoplifting cases.

Breed’s office said car thefts reported to police have dropped since 2017, when the city recorded about 31,400.

More than 15,000 auto thefts have been reported this year, and 2021 could fall short of the 26,000 auto thefts reported in 2019, according to his office.

“These raids hurt our residents, especially working families who don’t have the time or money to deal with the effects, as well as visitors to our city whose experiences are tarnished far too often after one experience than another. That would be positive, ”said Breed.

San Francisco motorists and tourists face constant warnings to hide their belongings in car trunks and park in guarded areas when possible.

What to do to avoid car theft?

  • Never leave your car running and unattended.
  • Close the doors immediately after you enter your vehicle.
  • If you see someone suspicious following you, call 911 for help.
  • If they follow you, go to a nearby police station or public place.
  • Keep your vehicle and its tires in good condition to avoid breakdowns if you find yourself in dark or unfamiliar places.
  • Do not leave valuables inside your vehicle or, if possible, store them in the trunk or trunk.
  • Always park your vehicle with the windows tightly closed, lock the doors and never leave the keys inside.
  • Do not leave personal documents that can identify you inside your vehicle, such as mail or accounts payable.
  • Park in well-lit places and where there is someone to watch you.
  • Never leave the spare key in your car, especially if you let someone else park your car.
  • When you leave your car outside your house, never leave the gate control inside the vehicle.
  • If someone tries to take your vehicle, do not resist and report the theft immediately to the police.

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