Show producers celebrate that Parque Viva is once again available for concerts

This Friday, October 21, it transpired that the Constitutional Court annulled the sanitary orders that closed Parque Viva “because it considered that the measure was an indirect violation of press freedom.” After hearing the news, several of the concert producers in Costa Rica celebrated the decision because, in their opinion, Parque Viva has ideal conditions for its shows.

Ernesto Adduci, founder and producer of Rock Fest, expressed his pleasure upon hearing the news.

“It makes me very happy because Parque Viva is an excellent place to hold concerts in Costa Rica. There is no place that has the characteristics of Parque Viva. It is a perfect place for us as entrepreneurs, for the music industry that needs spaces of this type and there is not a single one that looks like Parque Viva”, he commented.

Andrés Guanipa, producer of Move Concerts, expressed being happy with the resolution, since they have always wanted to have “a venue (venue for events) of the first world like Parque Viva”.

“It seems to me a measure absolutely in accordance with the law. Obviously this (closing) should never have happened. There was no need to do that, if the same criteria had been applied for other venuesthey also had to have closed other venues“, he claimed.

Guanipa deeply regrets that “this unfair measure” has affected the operation of Parque Viva, which had a full schedule of activities until the end of the year. His company has organized concerts at the venue such as those of Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and Juan Luis Guerra.

For his part, Juan José Rojas, from Believe Entertainment, stressed that what happened is “a point for establishing communication channels between the private and public sectors.”

“As a sector, we must be aware that it is a real need to have a greater number of venues (venues for events) where concerts can be held and, without a doubt, Parque Viva or any venue that has been closed harms the sector,” he said.

Asier Isusi, general producer of AiB Booking & Productions, found out about Sala IV’s decision just after landing in Medellín (Colombia), where an Ana Gabriel concert will take place. For the entertainment industry, the news is cause for celebration, he assured.

“In our environment we must celebrate it because we are lacking spaces where we can work and develop the shows with the conditions presented by Parque Viva”, he explained.

The producer added that it is important to work on the observations made by the Ministry of Health and that it would be positive for the Municipality of Alajuela, Parque Viva and the Government to talk to take actions that benefit users on the issue of access.

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Show producers celebrate that Parque Viva is once again available for concerts