She is María Silena Ovalle, the accordion player of the Karol G concert

His accordion made the Atanasio Girardot stadium vibrate in Medellín over the weekend. People who attended the concert of Karol G They were moved when the reggaeton singer sang a vallenato.

(In context: this was the first night of ‘La Bichota’ in Medellín)

“It makes me feel super Colombian. I love this song and I wanted to sing it. Medallo, go ahead,” the woman shouted. Be quiet. A few seconds of pause. The melody began to play from the instrument of Maria Silena Ovalle, a 26-year-old girl. They were the musical notes that have gone down in history and that are repeated daily at a party or family reunion in the country: it was ‘Tarde met him’ by Patricia Tehran.

The verses of the song composed by Omar Geles and also performed by Las Diosas del Vallenato for the first time in 1994 were sung on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December by millions of people in the middle of a historic reggaeton concert.

The eyes were also focused on the young accordion player, who with authority accompanied Karol G in the interpretation. In social networks, several users have asked about her, after several videos of the moment went viral.

In conversation with EL TIEMPO, the ‘accordion princess’ – as she has been known for a decade – referred to the fact: “The public liked it a lot. Karol wanted women to accompany her at her concert, and they all did. they are very good music “.

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The music in general is macho, although in the vallenato more. However, in recent years everything has changed

He was born in Villanueva, La Guajira. Since he was 10 years old, he has played the accordion and his whole life has been marked by music. His surname reveals his roots: he is part of the call Ovalle dynasty, recognized by choristers in that genre. The names of ‘Kike’, ‘El Chiche’ or ‘El more’ are just some of those that appear in the records of performances together with mythical vallenato such as Jorge Oñate, Diomedes Díaz and the Binomio de Oro.

A decision

Because she is from a Vallenata family, María Silena —or Ma Silena, as she appears on social networks— is no stranger to gender. Since she was little, at home and on the block in her neighborhood, the parties and sound equipment have emitted the sounds of the Colombian genre. “As long as I can remember, I have seen and used musical instruments,” he says.

María Silena Ovalle, accordion player

15 years ago was her first meeting with him accordion: “It was really a coincidence. (The instrument) was won by an aunt. It had two keyboards. I asked her and she lent it to me. Little by little I began to get news from her,” she recalls.

From then on, everything was a learning path. Not only did he dedicate himself to the accordion, he also learned piano and guitar. Seven years ago, when she was a teenager, she decided to enter the world of social media. So, he recorded himself playing the instrument that gives him light, but he decided to explore other paths.

“Without fear, I started recording covers of songs of all genres and to publish them. That is why I knew about Karol G a long time ago, “he says. And it is that on his YouTube channel, which already accumulates almost 80,000 subscribers, there are song covers by Shakira, Maná, Chocquibtown, Juan Luis Guerra, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Manuel Turizo, Dua Lipa, Maroon 5 and, of course, Karol G. “I believe that she, or someone from her work team, saw what she was doing and he liked it. That’s why they invited me to the concert. ”

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You know you are breaking schemes. It is no secret to anyone that vallenato is a genre in which the predominant artists have been men. But he has not been afraid. It is firm and sure of what it does and publishes. “The music in general is macho, although in vallenato more. However, in recent years everything has changed. Women in vallenato are in fashion and are very strong in the genre. There are many who already lead,” emphasizes María Selina.

His career is taking an upward curve that he did not expect a couple of years ago. What he experienced in the last days is just a reaffirmation of what he does. Karol G herself said: “A round of applause for the bichota on the accordion”.

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She is María Silena Ovalle, the accordion player of the Karol G concert