She follows in the footsteps of her aunt, Fanny Lu, and premieres her single ‘Vertigo’


By way of catharsis, Manuela Egas Martínez wrote ‘Vertigo’, a song in which she expressed her most personal feelings after experiencing a difficult love break from a relationship she had long distance. ‘Ella’, as Manuela is known, Thanks to her musical project, she is the eldest niece of the Colombian singer Fanny Lu, and with this premiere, she takes her first steps to shape what will be her path in the music industry. From the hand of the Ecuadorian producer and guitarist, Homero Gallardo, who has worked with Maluma; Ozuna; Yandel, and other artists, ‘Ella’ gave life to her new single.

“It’s a song that deals with a long-distance relationship that I had and all those feelings that I had when I broke up with this person (…) I exaggerated them in a dizzying way, hence the name of the song “The Bogota singer-songwriter told the KienyKe website, where she added that they were days when she felt betrayed, anxious and even dizzy, just as it feels to suffer from vertigo. She wrote the song in an hour, and worked between January and February of this year, in daily sessions of about six hours in the recording studio, where she perfected the harmonies and details of the track.

Although Manuela was surrounded by music since she was little, and from the age of three she felt a fascination for art, it was at the age of 13 that she decided that she wanted to be a singer. Fanny Lu, her aunt, has been a great influence, and according to her dialogue with that media outlet, the singer from Cali has always been there for her and has become her role model. For Manuela, her aunt Fanny has been a kind of mentor, and she is the only one, according to her, who understands what she wants for the future. Fanny Lu has been working in the world of music for more than 20 years, which has made her a faithful advisor to Manuela, ‘Ella’.

'She' premieres 'Vertigo'
‘She’ premieres ‘Vertigo’

The video clip, which already exceeds 150 thousand views, has, according to what the singer-songwriter explained, all the characteristics that she wanted to impress on it: it is minimalist and intimate, and conveys a dark and sad vibe, she commented in her interview with KienyKe. “My aunt (Fanny Lu) had to go down to her closet with the person who was helping us make networks and between the two of them they chose what they thought I would stay. There were a lot of clothes scattered on the floor, that was the most fun. At that moment I almost died, but in the end we managed to get ahead because my aunt’s clothes were perfect for me and because she has an incredible style, I love how she dresses ”, Manuela recalled in an interview with Diners magazine.

In her dialogue with that media, ‘Ella’, who is already preparing two more singles to be released soon, assured that she has been feeling overwhelmed by what ‘Vertigo’ has brought to her life. “This is already happening, it is already real. My dream from a very young age was to make music on platforms, to be able to search for me and appear. Now that I’m on YouTube I’m enjoying it to the fullest ”, counted.

El Espectador, a media outlet that also spoke with Ella, highlighted that the singer-songwriter, as she herself said, is inspired by her favorite artists who, these days, Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish. ‘Vertigo’, precisely, and like much of the music she listens to, is in English and, in fact, Manuela decided to study music abroad, where he sees greater and better possibilities to give a boost to his profession.

“I have lived in Colombia all my life and I want to experience something new; I also want to go to study abroad, because music programs are better structured, developed and give it more importance, as well as giving me the necessary resources to evolve as an artist (…) Having been to a bilingual school greatly influenced my decision to want to sing in English. Since I was little, that was the language that they put on me no matter what it was for, from school assignments to television and the programs I watched, it got to such a point that now I can express myself more fluently in English than in Spanish “, he told that newspaper.

‘Ella’, on her YouTube channel, had already given some samples of her voice and what she is passionate about because, in addition to the publication of ‘Vertigo’, she had already shared her versions of songs such as ‘Lo Vas a Olvidar’, by Billie Eilish and Rosalía; ‘Prom Queen’, by Molly Kate Kestner; James Arthur’s Train Wreck; and A Drop In The Ocean, by Ron Pope.

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