Shakira’s explicit messages on social networks

Shakira he’s back. After the great success achieved by his single Congratulations, published last April, the Colombian artist seems to be immersed in what could be the promotion of her next work. Shakira has surprised her followers on social networks in recent hours due to a series of messages that could be related to her new project, which many believe could be related to Gerard Piquéhis ex-partner.

The soccer player and the successful singer broke their relationship at the beginning of last June. The singer of hits like Torture either those of intuition issued a statement explaining that their relationship with the father of her two children, Milan and Sasha, came to an end after twelve years. Many interpreted then that the publication of Congratulations it was not a simple coincidence, and that it was addressed to the father of her children. With phrases like “I realized that yours is false” or “I can’t stand two-faced people,” the singer’s followers believed that she was referring to her ex-partner.

Shakira in the video for ‘Te congratulations’, her latest success with Rauw Alejandro


A few weeks ago, the singer made the first statements to the press about the hard time she is going through after the separation. “In one of the most difficult and dark hours of my life, music has brought me light (…) I feel creative, and I think it’s an incredible way for me to make sense of things,” she confessed in an interview for the magazine she. The Colombian artist has found in her work a therapeutic process in the midst of the chaos that her personal life is going through after her separation from the media. Now it seems that it has paid off.

The Colombian singer has posted three videos on her Instagram profile in recent days where short phrases stand out that make it understood that she is talking about the end of a love relationship. “It wasn’t your fault,” she reads to herself in the first video posted. The following video contains the message “neither mine”. The third and final message ends the sentence with “it was the monotony’s fault.” There are many who believe that it is the promotion of a new job that is inspired by her relationship with Gerard Piqué.

Shakira's messages that many believe addressed to Piqué

Shakira’s messages that many believe addressed to Piqué

instagram / shakira

If what is read in the videos shared by ‘Shak’ on his Instagram profile is true, the main reason for the separation between the couple would not have been any disloyalty on the part of the footballer, as was told at first, but that dreaded routine that can crack even the most sincere love. Some of the most heartbreaking words that could finally give clues to what really happened between the couple.

But the artist has gone further and in her latest publication on her social networks there appears a brushstroke of what appears to be the video clip that she will release soon, in which a man literally steps on a bleeding heart. “I never said anything, but it hurt me. I knew this would happen,” the singer writes in the caption. This phrase, brief but resounding, set off the alarms to all her followers and in less than 24 hours it added more than 1.5 million ‘likes’. The assumptions that the message is aimed at her breakup with Piqué began to gain more strength.

His followers immediately reacted to this publication. “Monetizing the separation,” added a follower, with fire emoticons. “You deserve to eat the world mercilessly with this song,” another user expressed. “How descriptive. And what strength, girl,” another woman expressed. To know the content of the song we will have to wait a few more days, but what is evident is that in the same way that Congratulations promises to be a resounding success.

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Shakira’s explicit messages on social networks