Shakira, in Manresa recording the video clip of her new song: ‘Vaya indirect a Piqué’

Shakira is already working on a new hit. The Colombian artist prepares a song with Puerto Rican artist Ozuna and have chosen the town of Manresa (Barcelona) so that it becomes the setting for your video clip. The filming took place this weekend and, as expected, has caused dozens of neighbors to go out to the street to browse.

On Friday, the news broke that two singers of international stature they were going to record a video clip in the city of Barcelona. Various media suggest that there was an agreement to confidentiality between producer of James of Laiguana (who has worked on several occasions with the singer) and City Hall so that their names would not come to light. However, the identity of both has ended up transcending.

Filming started on Saturday afternoon. inside a supermarket located on Roger de Flor street and continued at dawn in the city ​​center (The City Council previously warned that there would be road damage). As expected, Twitter has been filled with videos and comments about it.

The incendiary message of the paparazzi Jordi Martín

Little is known about the collaboration between Shakira and Ozuna, beyond the fact that it will be an urban genre theme. However, who has given another detail about the song has been the paparazzi Jordi Martinwhich has been covering the entire separation from Shakira and Gerard Piqué.

“Do you want to know the name of Shakira and Ozuna’s new song? I already have it and look. Go indirect to Gerard Hammered. It’s coming. This week we will premiere it on my program, ‘El gordo y la flaca'”, the paparazzi wrote via Instagram ‘stories’.

The message that Jordi Martín has published about Shakira’s new song.


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A new ‘I congratulate you’?

Leaving aside the words of the paparazzi, it is inevitable that Shakira fans will analyze the new song looking for more parallels with the singer’s private life. It already happened with ‘Congratulations‘, a topic that for many is a reference to the artist’s relationship with the footballer, as well as being a success that accumulates over 335 million views in Youtube and others 295 million in Spotify.

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Shakira, in Manresa recording the video clip of her new song: ‘Vaya indirect a Piqué’