Shakira, Bizarrap and Casio’s funny response

The lyrics of the collaboration between Shakira and Bizarrap

Shakira Y bizarre they shook the planet for several hours: in the media around the world and on social networks, nothing was done other than to speak almost exclusively of the song that both presented this Wednesday afternoon. BZRP Music session #53 It was a success of views and… memes and comments. Until the moment of the publication of this note, the video had achieved 65 million views. The song played for hours on all radios and was the topic of conversation on every platform available: Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Especially for a letter full of messages to the ex-husband of the Colombian singer, the former Catalan soccer player Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend, Clara Chia. One of the passages that had the most impact had to do with four well-known brands that are in the collective imagination: Ferrari Y Rolexon the one hand, and Twingo (Renault) and Casio, for another. “I’m worth two out of 22 / You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo / You traded a Rolex for a Casio”, says the acid lyrics composed by both artists.

The Spanish house of the Japanese brand did not miss its opportunity. The Communication and Marketing advisers devised a spontaneous response to join the wave caused by the Colombian. And, speaking of waves… “We love to get splashed by this”was the witty retort. It is that this answer makes direct reference to a passage of the song where the artist makes a play on words with the words “Salt” (from the verb to leave) and “pique” (by her husband’s last name, Pique). Casio shows that her models are waterproof despite the fact that Shakira wanted to belittle the quality of her. And another subtlety: the number 22 is present on the screen, referring to the age of chia.

Casio responded to Shakira and Bizarrap on their social networks (Instagram)
Casio responded to Shakira and Bizarrap on their social networks (Instagram)

quick reflexes, Renault he also responded with a series of subtleties and ironies to the success of the moment. “For guys and girls like you. Turn up the volume!”, says the tweet referring to the music. But it doesn’t end there: a photograph of the current electric version of the Twingopassion red, with the number 22! stamped on the door to which the Colombian artist refers in her text, illustrates the publication. And then the most hurtful tags?: #clearly #young #naughty, among many others.

Renault tweet in relation to Shakira's song with Bizarrap (Renault)
Renault tweet in relation to Shakira’s song with Bizarrap (Renault)

One of the verses that attracts the most attention, and which would seem like an indisputable indirection to Piqué, is the one in which he describes him, without saying it, as someone who did not deserve it, who was too big for him and had to find a woman at his height. . The woman, without a doubt, would be Clara Chía:

I was too big for you, that’s why you’re with someone just like you”.

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This was not the only mention of Chía in the song, because in a sort of pre-chorus, the Barranquillera singer sings: “He has the name of a good person, clearly not what he sounds like. She has the name of a good person Clearly, she is just like you”. Shakira, calling herself a wolf, confesses to Piqué that she already knew about her infidelity: “Sorry, baby, it’s been a while since I saw you touch that cat”.

The singer, aware of the effects of her hints on Monotony, seems not to care and even challenges him: “This is so that I mortify you, chew, swallow, chew”.

At another point in the song, the Barranquilla woman seems to hint that Piqué would be trying to get closer, a return that Shakira categorically rules out: “I will not return with you, not even if you cry to me, or beg me”.

the complete letter

Sorry, I already caught another plane

I’m not coming back here

I don’t want another disappointment.

So much that you gave the champion

And when I needed you

You gave your worst version

Sorry baby, it’s been a while

That I should have voted for that cat.

A wolf like me

It is not for newbies.

a wolf like me

It’s not for guys like you

For guys like you.

I was big for you

and that’s why you are

With someone just like you.

This is for you to mortify yourself

Chew and swallow, swallow and chew

I do not return with you

Not even if you cry or beg me

I understood that it is not my fault that they criticize you

I only make music

I’m sorry that I splashed you.

You left me as a neighbor to the mother-in-law

With the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury

You thought you hurt me and you made me tougher

women no longer cry

Women bill.

He has the name of a good person.

Clearly not what it sounds like

He has the name of a good person.

She is clearly the same as you

For guys like you.

From love to hate there is a step

Don’t come back here, listen to me

Zero grudge baby.

I wish you: go well with my supposed replacement

I don’t even know what happened to you

You are so strange that I can’t even distinguish you.

I’m worth two out of 22

You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo

You traded a Rolex for a Casio.

You go fast, go slow

Lots of gym, but works the brain a little too

Photos where they see me,

Here I feel like a hostage.

For me everything is fine

I’ll vacate you tomorrow

And if you want, bring her to come too.

He has the name of a good person.

Clearly not what it sounds like

He has the name of a good person.

And a wolf like me is not for guys like you.

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Shakira, Bizarrap and Casio’s funny response