Shakira and Ozuna’s ‘Monotonia’ is already a success

Recently released and already over a million views, the advance video of the song ‘Monotonía’, by the Barranquilla singer Shakira with her colleague Ozuna.

And it is not for less, because for several days, after some lines of the lyrics of the song were leaked and the movements of the two artists in their social networks, the rumors began.

While some commented that clearly It was a message from Shakira to her ex-husband, the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, others managed to assume that the Colombian singer was starting a relationship with the Puerto Rican Ozuna.

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This is the part of the letter that has been known:

“You in your thing and me doing the same
We were accomplices of selfishness
We forget what one day we were
And the best thing is that it wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine.
It was the monotony’s fault.

It wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine.
It was the monotony’s fault
I never said anything, but it hurt me (Mmm)
I knew this would happen”.

This is one of the verses of ‘Monotonía’, Shakira’s new song in the company of the singer Ozuna, which stirred up the thousands of followers of the singer from Barranquilla.

Shakira’s ‘Monotony’ VideoShakira’s ‘Monotony’ Video

As is customary in the music industry, with her marketing strategies, Shakira is undoubtedly making the most of the situation she is going through with the Catalan, since the focus is on the outcome of the lawsuit. legal between the two and the premiere of a song right now is ideal to become a trend.

‘Monotony’ clears the comments that Shakira had aroused, when she talked about the relationship with Ozunathe singer from Puerto Rico, with whom he recorded the video of the song in Barcelona.

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As always, people began to talk, it was said that the two had some relationship, which once again aroused morbidity. On her social networks, Shakira responded to a message from Ozuna, after the message: “How beautiful you are.”

For his part, the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna released a few days ago his new album, “Ozutochi”, made up of 18 songs.

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Shakira and Ozuna’s ‘Monotonia’ is already a success