Several deaths reported by stampede at the Cuscatlán stadium

A night that should have been filled with emotions and joy at the Cuscatlán Stadium in El Salvador turned into a heartbreaking tragedy. During the match of the final phase of the tournament between Alianza and FAS, a stampede that occurred in the stands of the stadium left a tragic balance of several people dead and many injured. The incident has left the Central American nation in shock.

Saturday night was looming as an exciting duel between two great Salvadoran soccer teams, but everything changed in a matter of minutes due to a stampede in the gate town of Sol General.

Several people died in the Cuscatlán stadium

According to initial reports, a riot broke out in one section of the stadium as fans tried to rush out. The lack of adequate security measures and a possible overcrowding in the area would have contributed to the tragedy.

Rescue teams and paramedics went to the stadium to treat the injured and transfer the deceased to nearby hospitals. The magnitude of the tragedy required unprecedented coordination to care for all the victims.

The National Police of El Salvador issued a statement expressing its deep sadness at what happened and offered its condolences to the affected families. A thorough investigation is expected to be carried out to determine the exact causes of the incident and to assess the security measures implemented at the stadium.

A nation in mourning

The news of the stampede at the Cuscatlán Stadium has left the entire country in a state of shock and mourning. Soccer is a shared passion in El Salvador, and events like this have a profound impact on society. Vigils have been organized and a day of national mourning has been declared in memory of the victims.

Tragedies at sports stadiums are painful reminders of the importance of ensuring the safety of spectators. It is essential that rigorous investigations are carried out and concrete measures are taken to prevent future incidents of this type.

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Several deaths reported by stampede at the Cuscatlán stadium