“Seeing young people in the public motivates me to continue giving concerts”, says renowned pianist Richard Clayderman who will play in Guayaquil on May 13 | Music | Entertainment

Guayaquil It has always been one of the inevitable destinations for tours in South America of the famous French pianist Richard Clayderman. He has played at the Puerto Principal on multiple occasions: in 2003, 2008, 2010, 2011 (together with fellow Argentine pianist Raúl Di Blasio), 2016… Now that he is preparing his first tour after almost all the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic will not be the exception.

the so-called ‘Prince of Romance’ will offer a concert this friday may 13 in it León Febres Cordero Art Center Theaterwhere in addition to playing his traditional songs, he will interpret the new compositions that make up his most recent work.

“In my repertoire I will present the songs of my new album forever love and also my original songs, the most popular ones that, even if they are known, I always try to interpret them in a fresh way for the public”, shares the interpreter in an exclusive interview with this newspaper.

Of course it will include his famous Ballad for Adelinewritten by composer Paul de Senneville in homage to Senneville’s second daughter, whom he named precisely after the name of the song.

I started my career 45 years ago with that song, so Adeline is now that age”, explains the virtuoso whose real name is Philippe Pagès. In fact, he remembers him, he did a TV show in Germany with her, who already has two children. And Senneville has composed several songs for Clayderman (such as Hungarian Sonata, A Comme Amour, chinese garden).

“It’s a very nice melody. Years have passed and it is still pleasant for me to play this topic, alone or with a great orchestra”. On this occasion in Guayaquil, Clayderman will be accompanied by the Ecuadorian violinist Jorge Saade.

Music for crazy times

It’s been two difficult yearsIt’s because of the pandemic that has kept all artists and musicians away from concerts,” acknowledges the 68-year-old pianist. “When my tours were suspended, I kept practicing during confinement”.

Certainly the kind of music that Richard has become an icon with, instrumental music, light and romantic, refuses to disappear. “Many children when they start to play the piano do so by learning my melodies, I think it is a great reward for my career and it is a way to reach new generations. Among the fans that I see in my audiences there are also young people and that motivates me to continue doing my concerts.”, reflects the artist.

Although he also listens to other styles of music, such as jazz Y fusion jazz, he loves the romance that unfolds with his fingers on the keyboard. “I think it’s positive for the new generations to discover my music and this kind of soft melodies. We need this type of music especially in these crazy times, because it relaxes us”.

That is why the Frenchman continues to work and only imagines himself doing it for several more years. When he is asked if he has ever thought about retiring, he promptly replies No! “I want to continue playing for at least 10 more years”.

your new album forever love is made up of 12 studio recorded songs, with 5 original compositions by the composer who has accompanied him throughout his career, plus three classical pieces. He has also covered current songs, such as Live life of Coldplay; Y perfectby Ed Sheeran.

Tickets for the Clayderman concert are available on the web ticketshow and at the theater box office. Prices range between $160 (high stalls) and $400 (vip area).

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“Seeing young people in the public motivates me to continue giving concerts”, says renowned pianist Richard Clayderman who will play in Guayaquil on May 13 | Music | Entertainment