Sebastián Yatra: “The video of Camilo and Rauw was on purpose, I apologize if it got out of hand”

Sebastian Yatra he’s going to spend the summer from stage to stage. While the rest of mortals enjoy the holidays, the artist will take his music to various corners of Spain, but that’s not all. Then the shows in the United States and Latin America will arrive.

The Dharma Tours He promises to continue spreading the good vibes of the Colombian’s music throughout the world, who does not rule out inviting Aitana to sing with him. “Let’s see if we sing The doubts together“, he points out. It is his second collaboration and is included in the artist’s third album, Dharma.

“It fascinates me, it’s the best album I’ve made so far”, he says before assuring that for the moment he has not stopped to think about the next one. The fourth album will have to wait.

He has released a new single, TVwhich is accompanied by a fun video clip with four-legged protagonists reminiscent of Golfo and Reina, from The Lady and the Tramp. Nothing could be further from the truth: Yatra had not seen the Disney classic and the resemblance is entirely a coincidence. “I’ll have to see her,” she assures her between laughs.

“The video was on purpose, I’m joking all day”

What was not even a hint of coincidence was the video that went viral a few weeks ago. In the images, recorded during a dinner with the Argentine journalist Susana Giménez, she is heard saying the same phrase that she now sings in TV: “Neither Camilo nor Rauw are so in love.”

Out of context, it could be interpreted as an attack on artists, but nothing to do with it. “Obviously the video with Susana was on purpose and it occurred to me at that moment. I am making jokes and joking all day. I said ‘why don’t we have this conversation and leak a video or whatever,'” she recalls of this impromptu marketing strategy that flooded the networks of conjectures and comments.

If it got out of hand, I apologize. The two of them live a spectacular love with their partners and they are spectacular, they are pop culture, references, “she points out.

“Decline American Idol It was the best decision I could have made.”

Thanks to his role as a coach in The voice Kids the funniest facet of the artist has been revealed. He has a great time going up on stage with the children and chatting with his fellow sofa and button: Aitana, Pablo López and David Bisbal. “None of us take it too seriously,” he jokes.

Aitana, David Bisbal, Pablo López and Sebastián Yatra open ‘La Voz Kids’ with a spectacular show // Roberto Sastre

I did not know that the three coaches meet the runner-up prophecy of Operation Triumph. They didn’t win, but Aitana, Paul Lopez Y David Bisbal They are the artists who have had the greatest long-term projection after the contest, even above the winner of their edition. Upon discovering this coincidence, Yatra has it clear: “I want to be second in Operación Triunfo”, he exclaims.

Remember that he also began his career trying his luck in castings and television programs: “I auditioned for American Idol When I was 14 years old, it was in Chicago, I remember, I went with my parents.” Although he was selected for the next phase, he ruled out his participation in the musical reality show. He had to sign a contract that tied him to the network and he preferred to build his own path, no strings attached. “It’s the best decision I could have made,” she admits.

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Sebastián Yatra: “The video of Camilo and Rauw was on purpose, I apologize if it got out of hand”