Screening and concert of ‘The Strange World of Jack’ with opera-rock versions!

Halloween is near and nothing better than to celebrate it by watching a movie classic. So jump into the screening and concert of The strange world of Jack.

This original story by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick is a must-see that marked us with its emotional story, its striking characters and their songs that you can’t get out of your head.

Now, you can enjoy the music and lyrics created by Danny Elfman in a unique way.

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This will be the concert of The strange world of Jack

Not only is this an excellent opportunity to see the movie again, but you can also enjoy the soundtrack live with 13 musicians on stage and the presence of prominent voices.

However, the concert joke of The strange world of Jack it’s not just replicating the soundtrack track by track. Well rather it will be done a reversal of the songs in an opera-rock style.

We could already hear something like this on the album Nightmare Revisited It was released in 2008. Bands and artists such as Evanescence’s Korn and Amy Lee participated, who made their own versions of the songs from the film.

Here we leave you the taste in case you have never heard it and so you know what you could expect from this event:

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The appointment for the screening and concert of The strange world of Jack is he October 31 at 1:00 p.m.. Be careful that it is the only date and function, so apply with the tickets.

It will be held in the Xola Julio Prieto Theater –Located in Eje 4 Sur, Col del Valle Norte, in Benito Juárez– and you get the tickets over here at a cost of $385 a $495.

Taking advantage of the theme of the film and that it is the mere day of Halloween, people are invited to go dressed up, as a costume contest will even be organized.

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