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Scavengers, the action title multiplayer from Midwinter Entertainment continues its development through Early Access. One of the latest innovations is the large-scale mode Scavlab, the space where players can unleash their creativity. And not only them; also companies like Improbable, dedicated to the development of technologies, who are about to organize a very special event: nothing more and nothing less than a concert of the K-Pop star AleXa, author of songs like Do or Die and Bomb, among other. At the end of the concert, the singer will select several spectators and dedicate a personalized message to them. We tell you schedule so you can attend from the game.

AleXa concert at Scavlab: how to attend and what time is it?

The event will take place during the early hours of Saturday to Sunday. Specifically, from the 05:00 hours (CET). To join the other viewers, you just have to download the game for free and access Scavlab mode from the lobby.

Scavengers: un hero shooter diferente

At MeriStation we had the opportunity to test the game for a good handful of hours. On our impressions, we highlight PvE and PvP approaches, very different from each other, but hosted on the same battlefield. This means that we not only explore for resources with which to survive the attacks of enemies controlled by the CPU; we also face groups made up of other players, whose objective is exactly the same as ours.

It also caught our attention the influence of environmental factors on the development of the game, because beyond the usual action situations, we also have to deal with elements such as extreme cold or go hunting to obtain resources. Of course, mechanics such as finding materials, crafting objects, and customizing characters are present in the title.

Scavengers is available through Early Access. You can now enjoy its version for PC both through Steam like Epic Games Store. In addition, the title will also come to PS4 and Xbox One in the future.

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Scavengers: K-Pop Star AleXa Announces Concert at Scavlab; schedule and how to see it – MeriStation