June 9, 2021

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“Saying goodbye and not knowing if you will see him again or hug him” Carlos Rivera lived distressing moments!

Saying goodbye and not knowing if you will see him

The singer, Carlos Rivera placeholder image He shared sad news with everyone by revealing the distressing moments he lived after his father was hospitalized in 2020.

It is Carlos Rivera placeholder image one of the most acclaimed and famous artists of the moment, however, his popularity and success were overshadowed for a few moments by the fear he felt for the health of his father, who contracted the covid-19 virus last year.

Is the same “Cynthia Rodríguez’s boyfriend“, who opened his heart and revealed to his audience the crisis that may have endangered his father’s life due to the feared condition that has put the whole world in check, Covid-19.

I have not told anyone this, but my dad was sick with Covid-19 last year, in fact he was hospitalized for 11 days, and it was horrible, because the people who have lived through this know how difficult it is to fire you and not know if You will be able to see him again or hug him.

The interpreter of successful productions in scenes such as “The Lion King and” Mamma Mía “, went through hard times since, as a relative of an infected person, he did not know if at some point he could hug his father again.

Fortunately it was not too complicated and I was able to be in contact, in fact I brought him here and now he is vaccinated.

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The interpreter of “What is ours to stay”, Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra, who recently presented his most recent material entitled legends where he pays a special tribute to Armando Manzanero, revealed the difficult situation he faced with his family when his father was diagnosed with the virus.

His father, José Gonzalo Gilberto Rivera Ramírez, stayed for 11 days in the hospital after having tested positive for Covid-19.

It was before the Ventaneando cameras that Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra, the famous “former academic“He revealed a strong experience that would keep him worried after Covid-19 knocked on the doors of his home.

The interpreter, originally from Tlaxcala, son of María de Lourdes Guerra Martínez is also the brother of Norma Lizbeth Rivera Guerra, the only woman, counting Carlos Rivera and two other brothers.

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The singer-songwriter, born in Altzayanca, Tlaxcala has expressed the great significance that his father figure has had throughout his life, despite the fact that due to the separation of his parents, he assures that he did not live with him so much.

My father has become that person who talks to me and tells me how I help you, how I support you, although when I was little he separated from my mother and perhaps I did not see him as much as I would have liked, the interpreter mentioned.

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Augusto Rivera Guerra points out that he sees in his father a great accomplice who always seeks to convey his support to him in each new project.

Without a doubt, Carlos Rivera has become the pride of his family and proof of this is the emotion that his mother shared after he entered a record store to purchase the artist’s new production.

A very special album that contains several of the songs that were heard by both when the television actor was still small but with big dreams related to music.

The also theater actor, who was the winner of the third generation of La Academia in 2004 at the age of 18, began his career as a local celebrity, winning several competitions and hosting radio programs, such as “Radio Huamantla”.

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During high school he moved to Mexico City to study at a seminary at Ajusco.