Sasha Sokol specifies details of the civil lawsuit against Luis de Llano

Mexico – The Mexican singer Sasha Sokol filed a civil lawsuit against Luis de Llano, with whom she had a romantic relationship when she was 14 years old and 39, and clarified that the producer had already been notified.

Through her Twitter account, the legal office of the actress also issued a press release to clarify how the process is going, what crimes she is accused of and the compensation she is asking for in the case.

“On behalf of Mrs. Sasha Sokol, it is reported that the legal team that represents her initiated a civil action for moral damages against Mr. Luis de Llano. The civil trial was admitted for processing and Mr. de Llano has already been notified”, the text begins.

The lawyers indicated that the lawsuit requests that the courts declare that there was unlawful conduct on the part of Mr. de Llano that caused moral damage in various aspects to Sasha Sokol: “As she herself referred, Mr. de Llano promoted and initiated a romantic relationship with her when she was a 14-year-old girl.”

“Recently, Mr. de Llano publicly boasted of this relationship, thereby re-victimizing Sasha Sokol. It is outrageous that he goes so far as to openly acknowledge the existence of a romantic relationship, with a girl 25 years younger, in a context of total asymmetry.”

According to the complaint, what the former Timbiriche is looking for in this trial are three things, the first to be declared by a judge that Luis de Llano’s conduct is illegal and caused moral damage, two a public apology and three a compensation , whose amount, declared by a judge, will be donated to ADIVAC AC, a serious and qualified organization that fights against child sexual abuse.

“With this legal action, Sasha seeks to establish and reaffirm the truth of the facts. It also aims to inspire other victims to report their stories of abuse and thus fight against this serious crime, “said Sasha’s office.

It was on March 8 when the singer spoke for the first time about her case, after Luis de Llano offered an interview giving details of the relationship she had with Sasha years ago and that escalated to a civil lawsuit. Luis de Llano at the time issued a statement in which he stated that he had never committed any crime.

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Sasha Sokol specifies details of the civil lawsuit against Luis de Llano