Sara Carbonero, the great protagonist of the last concert of Kiki Morente

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Sara Carbonero continues to enjoy the summer in Cádiz and last night it became the great protagonist of Kiki Morente’s concert in Chipiona. The flamenco singer performed at Venta Torrebreva with his sister, Estrella Morente, and other artists, such as Lin Cortés, Jose Serrano, Lucas Carmona, Josue Ronkio, Juan Farina and Israel Suárez Piraña, and Among the public, trying to go unnoticed, was the journalist, who attended with one of her best friends, the singer Jessica Cánovas, better known in the music scene as La Flaka, and her husband, the singer Junior.


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Once the concert was over, Sara and Kiki left the venue through the back door and separately, avoiding being photographed together. The journalist came out first and hurriedly got into a car that was waiting for her with the engine running. Next, it was the artist who left in another vehicle accompanied by friends. Despite her discretion, the journalist took photos with several people during the concert, like these that we show you below. At 37 years old, she was beaming in a long green skirt and a white shirt knotted at the waist.


Estrella Morente, meanwhile, left the front door after the concert. “We are going to attend you. I am not going to make statements, but at least treat you as you treat me,” he told Europa Press, making it clear that he was not going to talk about Sara Carbonero and her brother Kiki. “It has been a very beautiful night and people are happy,” he answered when asked about the journalist’s assistance. “I tell you about myself and my things, about the others I cannot give an opinion”, but he concluded his sentence with what could be a declaration of intent: “Long live joy and love.


This is Kiki Morente, who is related to Sara Carbonero

The life of Sara Carbonero after beginning her beautiful friendship with Kiki Morente

The friendship between Sara Carbonero and Kiki Morente emerged about three months ago. The journalist and the son of Enrique Morente -who has also followed in his father’s footsteps in the world of flamenco song, as have his two sisters, Estrella and Sole- maintain a special complicity. The two have been seeing each other throughout the summer and have done so without the need to hide, even though they have not yet been photographed together. His closest circle insists on HI THERE! in which you can not talk about dating between them, despite the fact that Sara met Kiki’s family in mid-June, during Estrella Morente’s last concert in Madrid. In fact, there arose a good connection between the presenter and the singer’s older sister, as perceived on the networks, where both tend to leave heart-shaped emojis.


Sara Carbonero’s most special summer

Sara Carbonero seems to have found tranquility after two difficult years, marked by her illness, Iker Casillas’ heart attack and her separation from the exporter. The journalist is living her most special summer and her followers cannot be more happy for her. “How beautiful it is to bloom again. Happy summer. You deserve it“. The new course is full of professional projects, but there are still days of sun and beach to continue enjoying.

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