Santiago Cruz returns to the “crafts of the band” to bring his music to life

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Bogotá, Jul 16 (EFE).- Nearly 20 years of career endorse the Colombian singer Santiago Cruz, who decided for his single “Porque yo te quise” and for his next album, which he will publish in 2023, to return to the “crafts of la banda” with the idea of ​​giving life to his new music, he revealed in an interview with Efe.

The new song, published last Thursday, and the album were produced by his compatriot Juan Pablo Vega, a single person, unlike what happened in Dale (2021), in which he had “several producers and that made it like a mixture of points of view, rich and interesting”.

“Some of those points of view were closely related to this moment of beats, programming, atmospheres, sound layers and others. On this album, with Juan Pablo we wanted to go back a bit to the concept of craftsmanship of the band playing, of musicians playing instruments”, says Cruz (Ibagué, 1976).

So, he says, the production did not have a drummer or a bass programmed, but musicians who went to the studio to record, including a double bass player.

“For me that has its mystique. I understand the advantages of technology and I understand the savings that technology provides in many ways and that sound banks and all that stuff provide, but nothing is going to replace the musician with his point of view and with his with his hand, with his with his interpretation and with his energy for a song”, he expresses.


As an appetizer for his new album, whose name is not yet known and which will be released next year, Cruz presented “Porque yo te quise”, the first single that he described as the second part of “From far”, one of the biggest hits of his career and which was published 10 years ago.

“It’s a song that narratively corresponds to the 10-year anniversary of a song in my repertoire called ‘From afar’, because the anniversary was in May, we had to celebrate as soon as possible and that’s why we opted for this song (. ..) to give continuity to that story in some way,” he says.

In that story “goodbye had to be said, the cycle was closed”, but now the artist took it up again to find out how the person who left behind was doing, the memory.

“We proposed different scenarios and the one that caught our attention the most was that I am fine and she is not so much and that I want to let her know that I am there,” he details.

This idea of ​​returning to a closed story is inspired by the film “Before Dawn” (1995), by Richard Linklater, the second part of which was published nine years later under the name “Before Sunset” and the third, “Before midnight” in 2013.

“The second part took almost 10 years (…) having also closed the first part and the story could have stayed there,” he says.

He adds: “That inspired me a bit for the celebration of the 10 years of ‘From Far'”.


One of the composers of “Porque yo te quise” is the singer Juan Pablo Villamil, one of the members of the Morat quartet, a band that Cruz praised for everything it has achieved not only in Colombia but also in Latin America and Spain. .

“Like the Morat phenomenon there is absolutely nothing and it is a wonderful phenomenon to study, if you will, because they do not come from reggaeton, they do not come from the most commercial, but they made their own pod and with that they hit it,” he says.

Cruz also points out that “they are not the most notorious guys on the radio, at least not in Colombia, and yet they have a fan base that is absolutely devastating.”

“They are an avalanche. And that is something to admire, I am amazed at Morat’s process. I also had the opportunity to be invited to sing a song with them sometime in one of (the) seven (concerts that they filled in the) National Auditorium of Mexico City two years ago. Right now they can do 15 (shows), “says the Colombian artist. EFE



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Santiago Cruz returns to the “crafts of the band” to bring his music to life