Samuraï presents the first single, “Entre Tejados”, from his new EP

Samuraithe young artist from Madrid, launches her new single who has called between roofs. This is the first song from her latest EP, What they do not tell to you, that comes loaded with topics dedicated to what they don’t tell us, or, rather, they don’t want to tell us about love.

between roofs takes us to the feeling of having everything under control, a feeling that can eventually become an obsession. That is why the singer becomes a trapeze artist seeking balance perfect between a fragile and delicate composition, but, at the same time, strong and festive. A world of emotions within a single song that will make us tremble.

The release of this new song does not come alonealso brings with it the video clip, produced by Take A Nap and led by Eduardo Montes. In it, the Madrid skyline (with the lollipop, the four towers and their characteristic roofs) wrap a Aroa funny and thoughtful On the edge of the precipice.

The singer has recognized that they are those “letters he has written and crossed out in anger” the inspiration and soul of his new project, with which he has worked so lovingly. This was already demonstrated in his first EP, shooting bulletswhich exceeded two million views. A sound fresh, with flashes of electronics and very catchy lyrics was what he did to Samurai one of the young promises of the music industry.

the beautifulthe project that he released in January already demonstrated a artist with high chances of going very strong on the charts. With without brakeone of the songs that belonged to this trio of hits about lovethe artist recognized that, “There is a lot of love and a lot of punkarradas”. Also with shooting bulletscharacterized by being a alternative popwith the presence of bass and drums, but always with the voice as protagonist.

the style that Samurai snatches from the 2000s, and the sincerity that runs through its lyrics, remains intact in all the melodies that see the light and that get through our hearts. Don’t forget this namebecause the singer works hard and little by little is making a hole in the market, surprising her fans and the new audience that discovers her.

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Samuraï presents the first single, “Entre Tejados”, from his new EP