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A wonderful song for a wonderful version. That’s the best summary we can do of Amazon Music’s latest initiative to start celebrating the pride month. sam smith has premiered his particular ‘cover’ of Beautiful of Christina Aguilera.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Christina for as long as I can remember and I’ll never forget hearing Beautiful for the first time and how much the song said to me personally. The song is a true anthem of acceptance and continues to inspire me with its important message to never stop celebrate who you are. I am honored to have the opportunity to offer my interpretation as a tribute”, he explained in a press release sent to the media as part of the celebration of the Amazon Music 2023 Pride Package.

Sam Smith has presented through his official YouTube channel a 35-second preview of this version that sounds spectacular with his voice and with the incredible lyrics of Christina Aguilera. A hymn of self-acceptance that for years has not only served to combat body-shaming, but the message has also become a claim within the queer universe.

“I’m ready to celebrate. This community has been very supportive throughout my career and I look forward to representing such a historic cause as we all continue to fight for the LGBTQ+ rights” has explained the soloist about the celebration events that will take place in New York on June 23rd.

That is the date that for years has been chosen to claim Pride coinciding with the anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

With the only company of a guitar, Sam Smith offers a spectacular version of a beautiful song that grows with the passing of the seconds until the final chorus in which the vocal power of the soloist gives goosebumps.

The song can be heard in its entirety exclusively on Amazon Music and it will be the first step in Smith’s participation in the Pride month celebrations that are already underway.

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Sam Smith Welcomes Pride Month Covering Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ | THE40 | LOS40