Rumors of collaboration between Drake and Taylor Swift are triggered after a post by the singer on Instagram

In the Last few weeks we have witnessed endless rumors about the release of a new album by Taylor Swift with which, for the time being, he would pause the re-recordings of his old albums. However, the reality has been different and for the moment the singer of love story He has not returned to show signs of life on his social networks since announced his participation in the soundtrack of the film that adapts the novel by The wild girl.

However, during the early hours of April 19, the rumors of new music by the artist spread like wildfire on Twitter again, after the publication of Drake on her Instagram profile of a carousel where her fifth photo featured an old photograph with Taylor Swift under the caption “They are too weak to understand the meaning of hard work“.

Among the photos published by the singer also appears his son Adonaisin addition to some snapshots of Drake that end with the photograph of the one from Tennessee, which does not seem to be recent.

Collaboration in sight?

Once published, the comments on the post seemed to confirm a relationship between the singers, but nothing could be further from the truth: Taylor Swift maintains a relationship with the actor since the summer of 2016 Joe Alwynwhich is about to premiere the Hulu series Conversations with Friends Y He recently spoke in an interview that he is happily immersed in a monogamous relationship with the singer..

However, in Twitter shots have pointed towards a collaboration between Drake and Taylor Swift, since both are part of the top of the most listened to artists on Spotify and the professional career they have developed to achieve it can be referred to by the singer’s phrase on his Instagram. His figures precede them: Drake was the first artist on the platform to exceed 50 billion views. and Taylor Swift has remained since the beginning of the year as the most listened to female artist on Spotify with more than 25 million daily reproductions, being the only one to achieve 3,000 million reproductions this 2022.

With these heart-stopping numbers we couldn’t dream of a better collaboration, but only time will tell if the rumors are true or not.

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Rumors of collaboration between Drake and Taylor Swift are triggered after a post by the singer on Instagram