June 9, 2021

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Rock band Caramelos de Cianuro takes “Control”

Rock band Caramelos de Cianuro takes Control

The disk, composed and recorded between Miami, Buenos Aires and Caracas and produced by Juan Blas Caballero and Caramelos de Cianuro is available on all digital platforms.

The plate presents 11 themes in which Asier and Pavel share authorship with Yolanda Cazalis and Frank Monasterios.

“This album represents the culmination of years of work and is the photograph of a band at the top of its conditions”, comment Asier and Pavel, who assure that they finally made the album they wanted to make “all the factors aligned. For the first time we had the time and resources to do the best job of our career ”.


They rethought the rock band format and now as a duo, they leave evidence of their good gear as authors, musicians and producers on each track of the production.

“Writing and producing as a duo freed us from the constraints of a traditional lineup and opened up a world of possibilities for us. We wanted to make a rock album but with modern production values, an album that looks to the past but also to the future ”, they warn.

Caramelos de Cianuro comes from presenting the acoustic album “Retrovisor Acústico” and the live album “Live from Paris”.

After 5 years without recording music, they arrive with an arsenal of good songs to please their fans.

Caramelos de Cianuro has three decades of experience, has 13 albums recorded -including two live albums and one acoustic-, has been nominated for a Latin Grammy and recognized throughout its career, in addition to participating in festivals such as Vive Latino, Lollapalooza and Pepsi Music Fest, among others.