July 4, 2021

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Rocío Carrasco enjoys a concert before her television return ?: ‘Within what fits, I’m happy’

“I’m happy”, some words that become enormous in the mouth of Rocío Carrasco, who has told how she is after the enormous repercussion of the documentary Rocío, tell the truth to continue livingay months before it is released In the name of Rocío, which Telecinco will premiere in the fall and which aims to cause at least as much a stir as the previous one. “It had been a long time since I was happy. As far as possible I’m happy,” explained the daughter of ‘The biggest’ a Socialite during a concert by the guitarist Daniel Casares in which his friend Anabel Dueñas also participated. All this, one day before make one of your greatest wishes come true on Save me in which it may or may not be, since they have not given more details, his return to television.


He has not wanted to give clues about what will happen in the program presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez this Monday. Spectators and collaborators have not been slow to speculate on whether she will announce a new pregnancy, the reopening of the case against her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores or if it will be a new signing of the Mediaset evening space. Rocío has not cleared up the doubts, but she has confirmed that having a child is “a project” that she has in mind., although at the moment his most immediate objective is his work on the second part of his documentary. “It is a lot of work, they have left their skin and in the end that makes you have a feeling,” he said about the team with which he is preparing the next batch of chapters, which is the same one that has made possible Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive. At the moment, what is known is that he will be focused on his relationship with his family and that it has meant his return to Chipiona (Cádiz), the land of his mother and where he spent so many summers in his childhood and youth.

Rocío Carrasco returns to Chipiona to start a new life

There has also been room for emotion in the concert that Rocío has attended, accompanied by Fidel Albiac, since with Casares on guitar, Anabel Dueñas She performed some of Rocío Jurado’s songs, making her daughter tear some tears, who applauded from the audience when dedicating one of the songs to him. The former contestant of Triumph operation She is a great friend of the marriage since she has worked with them in the musical What wouldn’t I give … to be Rocío Jurado in which she gets into the skin of ‘The greatest’.

In addition to the docuseries she is currently working on, there are more projects that Rocío Carrasco has pending. One of them is precisely the re-release of the musical about his mother, but the opening of the Rocío Jurado Museum in Chipiona is also pending. In additions, also wants to organize three concerts to help the cause of battered women and auction the fuchsia suit which he carried in his documentary.

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