Road To Ultra Colombia: the electronic festival that broke barriers in the country

Last Friday, September 7, Medellín was the center of attention for electronic music, due to the fact that the ‘Road To Ultra’ festival was held, which was attended by more than 25,000 people and various luxury experiences.

It is important to mention that ‘Road To Ultra’ is, to date, one of the most important electronic festivals in the world, since it has an important tour in countries like Japan, Croatia, Korea, Taiwan, the United States and it was the second time he arrived in Colombia, but this time under the seal of the entrepreneurs of found you.

This company is recognized for bringing great international artists to the country, such as Andrés Calamaro, Ricky Martín or Piero. It is also under the direction of Lina Cuervo.

In addition, the cheapest ticket of the event had a cost of 270 thousand pesos. However, if someone did not want to miss the festival, he had the opportunity to acquire them at the last minute with a price from 500 thousand or 16 million pesos; and it was not for less, since the organizers affirmed that the investment for this festival was more than 15,000 million pesos.

In that order of ideas, the ‘Road To Ultra’ was characterized by being a completely unforgettable experience for the attendees, because in Colombia something so great had not been experienced to date, as in audio issues, special effects, a striking set design.

Likewise, the organizers and assistants in social networks affirmed that the festival It has been the most impressive show that has been carried out in the country to datesince it also had 300 boxes, several stagesas well as lounges.

However, the most striking and the most important thing was the international guests, as well as the national ones, since DJs of the stature of Afrojack, Snake, KSHMR and Nicky Romero, which made the attendees vibrate in the rain.

Finally, the admission for the attendees was open from 2:00 in the afternoon and ended until 4:00 in the morning of this Saturday, October 8, where all the successes of the artists were enjoyed.

FilCali 2022: Musician Yoav Eshed arrives from Israel

October arrives recharged in cultural matters, since from the 13th to the 23rd on the Bulevar del Río, in Cali, the sky branch, the seventh edition of the International Book Fair 2022 will be held and in 13 municipalities of the Valley, through of the Book and Reading Festivals, FLL. It will have Israel as the Guest of Honor country, with outstanding figures representing its culture, such as the Israeli guitarist and composer Yoav Eshed.

The artist who started playing the piano at the age of 3 and showed prodigious abilities playing melodies by Haydn, Bach and Mendelssohn. He picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and found his unique way of playing it, with a pianistic approach.. Since then, she has been performing all over the world.

Yoav, in dialogue with WEEK, He stated that he is very excited to participate in FilCali 2022, since he was also at the 16th Medellin Book Festival, giving some master classes. and mentioned that he likes the Latin culture, because “generally, I feel that there is so much warmth and love in this culture, that as an audience I think they are the best.”

Likewise, he expressed that what most calls his attention to the country is the “soursop!, and the similarities with the Israeli culture, in terms of how open and welcoming they are”, He also stressed that “performing and sharing my music in Colombia is special because Colombians have an open heart and are very good listeners.”

Finally, he stressed that he knows a bit of cumbia and bullerengue, and admires “the rhythms of traditional Colombian music and its strong connection with West Africa, especially Morocco.” At the same time, he mentioned that the greatest challenge he encountered in his musical and professional path was finding a “balance between composing, practicing my instrument and studying the works of the masters of classical composition and jazz improvisers.”

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Road To Ultra Colombia: the electronic festival that broke barriers in the country